Titus: A Video Commentary

The Island of CretePaul the Apostle left his coworker Titus on the Greek Island of Crete for a specific purpose (Titus 1:5). Now Paul is writing to Titus with additional instructions regarding how Titus should go about his appointed task. Although written almost 2,000 years ago Paul’s short, but very powerful epistle still has much to say to God’s servants today.

Over the last ten months Digital Sojourner has been publishing brother Stephen Baker’s video blog series on this wonderful book. Each week brother Baker has been taking us through Paul’s letter with a short, helpful video~~ essentially on a verse, by verse basis.

The following listing of links is presented as an index, or table of contents, to help you quickly navigate this helpful resource.

Thank you brother Baker. To God be the glory!


Titus Chapter 1


Passage   Link to Video Commentary
Titus 1:1     Intoduction: Who Was Titus?
Titus 1:1     Overview of Paul’s Letter to Titus
Titus 1:1-4     Digging Into Chapter 1
Titus 1:2-4     Why God Called Paul to be an Apostle
Titus 1:5     Tasked With Things To Do In Crete
Titus 1:6-9     A Closer Look At Elders
Titus 1:10-11     Why Such High Standards for Elders?
Titus 1:11-12     Liars, Beasts, and Gluttons
Titus 1:13-14     Faceing Reality
Titus 1:15-16     Faith vs. Religion


Titus Chapter 2


Passage     Link to Video Commentary
Titus 2:1-10     An Overview of 2:1-10
Titus 2:1-2     Walking the Walk
Titus 2:3     The Power of the Role Model
Titus 2:4-5     Passing on Wisdom
Titus 2:6-8     Timless Principles
Titus 2:9-10     A Job Well Done
Titus 2:11     Salvation Is Available To All
Titus 2:12     The Gospel Training Curriculum
Titus 2:13     The Happy Hope
Titus 2:14a     A Priceless Purchase
Titus 2:14b     The Church – A Purchased and Separated People
Titus 2:14d     Zealous For Good Works
Titus 2:15a     Authoritative Teaching
Titus 2:15b     Do Not Despise Those Who Serve God


Titus Chapter 3


Passage     Link to Video Commentary
Titus 3:1     Good Citizenship
Titus 3:1     The Delegated Power of Politicians
Titus 3:1-2     Radical Christianity in the Community
Titus 3:3     What We Were By Nature
Titus 3:4     The Reason For The Change
Titus 3:5a     Saved by Grace
Titus 3:5b     New Life & New Power
Titus 3:6     The Holy Spirit in Conversion
Titus 3:7     Heirs With Christ
Titus 3:8     Rock Solid Truth
Titus 3:8b     Christians Should Do Good Works
Titus 3:9     Focus On Truth
Titus 3:9-10     Helping Habitually Disobedient People
Titus 3:10-11     Avoiding Division in the Church
Titus 3:12     We All Need Each other
Titus 3:13     The Lawyer and The Preachers
Titus 3:14     A Course in Kindness
Titus 3:15     No One Excluded


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