New Scripture Index Feature!


Digital Sojourner is rolling out a new feature to help you quickly find articles that you are interested in. You can access this feature at any time by clicking on “Scripture Index” on the website’s top menu bar as illustrated above. The option can also be found on the bottom menu bar.


Digital Sojourner Scripture Index Screen Shot

Digital Sojourner Scripture Index Screen Shot


When you arrive at the index you will find a listing of all the books of the Bible for which there is a reference. Click on the book you are interested in and a listing of all the references, in verse order, will appear (if you click on the name of the book a second time the references will be hidden). Simply find the Scripture passage you are interested in and then click the name of the Digital Sojourner article. You will then be taken to that article. To return to the index click your browser’s back button or click on the menu bar’s Scripture Index option again.

The index is still a work in progress as many references and articles from last year still need to be entered, so be sure to check back often as this feature continues to develop.



  1. I played with it a little: I like that feature.


  2. Thanks brother, I appreciate your encouraging comment. It might take a few weeks to get the index up to date. My prayer is that the Lord will use it for His glory.