Audio: The Temple – David Prepares the Materials


…I have set my affection on the house of my God… 1 Chronicles 29:3 NKJV


This is the second of a series of nine messages regarding the history of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem entitled ‘The Temple: The Biography of a Place.’

This series of messages, along with their accompanying PowerPoint slides, were originally presented by Brother Tom Schetelich at the Forge Road Bible Chapel of Perry Hall, MD in late 2010 and early 2011.

Lord willing the series of messages will be posted every Friday now through March 8th.





Tom SchetelichAbout the author: Thomas J. Schetelich is an attorney with the law firm of Ferguson, Schetelich & Ballew, P.A. in Baltimore, MD where he represents many Christians in business and ministry. Tom is also the President of the Christian Professional Network, a leading national organization of Christian businesses, professionals, and ministries.

Mr. Schetelich is an elder at Forge Road Bible Chapel in Perry Hall, MD. He also serves at Christian Missions in Many Lands, The Maryland Bible Society, The Maryland Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, and The Baltimore School of the Bible among other ministries.

Editor’s Note: Thank you brother Tom for sharing this series with Digital Sojourner ~~ Scott


The Temple: The Biography of a Place
Series Directory

Part 1 The Temple: Choosing the Place
Part 2 The Temple: David Prepares the Materials
Part 3 The Temple: Solomon’s Dedication
Part 4 The Temple: Ahaz and Hezekiah
Part 5 The Temple: The Glory Departs
Part 6 The Temple: Haggai and the Second Temple
Part 7 The Temple: Herod’s Temple
Part 8 The Temple: Jesus at the Temple
Part 9 The Temple: Today & Beyond: Ezekiel’s Temple


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