d A Chart On The Course Of Time From Eternity To Eternity

A Chart On The Course Of Time From Eternity To Eternity


A E Booth - A Chart on the Course of Time from Eternity to Eternity


Recently I shared with you Ironside’s helpful chart of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Another helpful chart regarding prophesy and the larger topic of the Dispensations is A E Booth’s A Chart on the Course Of Time from Eternity to Eternity.

Key To A Chart On The Course Of Time From Eternity To Eternity - A E Booth - Cover PhotoIf you are not familiar with the chart I would encourage you to check it out. At the very least the chart is absolutely fascinating and provides one with motivation to study God’s Holy Word. For example, many are surprised to see the chart as depicting Satan in heavenly places. What’s that all about? See Ephesians 2:2 and 6:11-12.

Brother Booth also authored a companion publication “Key to a Chart” to help one in navigating the chart’s symbolism and to provide the student of God’s Word with some deeper explanations and Scripture references.

The chart and it’s accompanying booklet are available through a handful of retailers including Moments With The Book. A modern computer drawn rendition of the chart is available in three different sizes: 12″ x 31.5″, 18″ x 48″, and 42″ x 114″ as well as Booth’s Key.

A free, scanned copy of A E Booth’s companion booklet The Course of Time From Eternity to Eternity Key to a Chart is available here.

As always, be a good Berean (Acts 17:11) by examining the Scriptures to see if what one is teaching is in fact true.

Joseph was right: interpretations belong to God (Genesis 40:8). While sermons, commentaries, and charts can be helpful to some extent one must never base their faith in such helps– rather our faith must be based on God’s Word alone. Sola scriptura. There are no shortcuts.



  1. Blast from the past. I used to have a this poster hanging on the wall in my room. We also used to have a big one posted at the back of our chapel. I always thought it was funny, because no one at the chapel believed the “Gap Theory” (me being a possible exception in some aspects) although this chart clearly advocated that point of view. 🙂

    • A blast from the past indeed! I like the chart because it serves as a great motivator (for me) to study.

      I can’t say that I agree with absolutely everything on the chart, and I too have some serious reservations about the gap theory. It’s interesting to observe how much of the chart’s ‘real estate’ is devoted to depicting it– after all, it is just a theory.

      If you have never read Booth’s companion “Key to a Chart” (link in above in post) I would suggest doing so. It really helps to explain the chart and points out several aspects of it that I would have never noticed.

      One other thought: the chart is a fantastic conversation piece. If you display it in your home or office it is guaranteed to attract attention and start a spiritual conversation.

  2. Hi, Scott and Randy.
    After 45 years of missionary service, I’m coming down the homestretch and it dawned on me that I should write the story of God at work in and around me for the benefit of my two grown sons and my grandson. As I reflected on my upbringing in the Pitman (NJ) Gospel Hall, I remembered vividly the regular teaching we used to receive based on A.E.Booth’s chart. I so appreciate your posting a digital image of it on your page. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it–or even thought about it–but it has had an impact on shaping my theology (which has, like yours, matured and grown along the way). God bless you as you continue to try to encourage the Lord’s people to be good students (and practitioners) of His Holy Word.
    Your brother in Christ’s service,
    Rick Knox

    • I’m really glad you came across the chart here on DS and found it to be encouraging. May the Lord bless and encourage you as you write the story of God working through you. I trust & pray it will encourage your posterity to follow in your footsteps of service to the Greatest of all Masters.

      Have you resettled in the Pitman, NJ area? I presently live in South-central PA… however I visit New Jersey regularly.