Jottings – The Revelation of God and from God

Commenting on John 1:14-17, 28-43; 1 John 2:23:


“In order that we might truly and really know God and the Father, there was a twofold kind of revelation necessary — not only one kind, but two kinds. That is to say, we needed a revelation of God, as really as we needed a revelation from God. We need both. A revelation from God we have in all its precious blessedness in the written word, which we call the scriptures; but the revelation of God we have in the incarnate Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. And therefore it is that no one can really know God or the Father except in the Son. To be without the Son is to be without the Father.”


W T Turpin, The Revelation of God and from God. An address delivered in London, October 1885.


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