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My First Prezi-tation: God Talks Money

Over the weekend I had the privilege of participating in a Bible conference at the Oxford Bible Chapel of Oxford, PA. The conference was a wonderful time in God’s Word and in fellowship with God’s people. The theme of the conference was Biblical Stewardship.

Below is a “Prezi” that I used to as an illustration during my talks. As you view the presentation please keep in mind:

  • the presentation was designed to accompany three 45 minute messages.
  • the False Gospel slide makes reference to the modern day personality Benny Hinn as an example of one of the false teaches that 2 Peter 2:1 says will come and the 19th century evangelist Dwight L. Moody as an example of a true servant of God who acted with utmost financial integrity.



Your thoughts are greatly encouraged… I would appreciate hearing from you in the comment section.


  1. I’ve only seen Prezi a couple times, but it’s sure slick.

    The few times I’ve tried to give a talk with an electronic slide deck, I found it didn’t seem to flow too well. I’m not sure if that just shows I have no idea how to use them… do you find the slide deck helps you keep on track with your outline?

  2. I find that the slide deck helps me to keep on track when I have a prepared talk where I want to cover specific information within a fixed amount of time. So, if I have 50 minutes to cover 10 slides on average I must spend 5 minutes per slide– I find this very help… but it fits my personality. I’m sure others will find it be way too constraining.