Penn — Of Penn & Teller Fame — Receives a Bible and Shares His Challenging Thoughts



In this video Penn, of Penn & Teller fame, retells the story of someone giving him a Bible. Penn also shares his thoughts about the experience. Very, very interesting.

Penn is clear that he is an atheist, however he is very complimentary of the gift and the one who gave it to him. He concludes by challenging all Bible believing Christians to be intellectually honest— if we really believe there is a hell and those who die in their sins will suffer for eternity then it is pure hatred NOT to share the gospel message with all urgency.



  1. Crawford

    Great challenge Scott (and Penn). It says a lot that someone who is pretty well known and clearly an atheist would be so moved by this person. It seemed he was emotional thinking about it. Now if only he would read that NT it would impact his life.

    • I think he was emotional. I admire the wisdom and love of the person who gave Penn the Bible. Many are unnecessarily turned off to the gospel because of some believers who have a sanctimonious attitude. Unbelievers very easily ‘see through’ our motivations and attitudes!!