The Apostles Song

Last week my wife and I had the privilege of teaching the children’s morning class during Greenwood Hills Camp & Conference Center’s annual 3rd Family Conference. Because of the children’s enthusiasm to learn more of God’s Word we always enjoy working with young people.

This year we introduced the children to a simple, new song that they really loved to sing. So I thought you might like to learn this song as well and if you work with Children give it a try!

It is called “The Apostles Song” and is sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me.”

        Jesus called them one by one, Peter, Andrew, James and John,
        Next came Philip, Thomas, too, Matthew and Bartholomew.

                Yes, Jesus called them, Yes, Jesus called them,
                Yes, Jesus called them, The Bible tells me so.

        James the one they called the less, Simon, also Thaddeus,
        The twelfth apostle Judas made, Jesus was by him betrayed.




  1. Thank you for the Apostle’s Song. As I am studying Matthew and reading about Jesus calling His apostles, I was wondering if I can use the song words in my Sunday School class or in other teaching situations? Do you know who wrote the words and if they are copyrighted? Can they be used without permission?

    • I do not know the origins of the words to this song…. so I am unaware if it is copyrighted or not. If you (or anyone out there) has this information I would like to know so I can properly give them credit.

      While I am not an attorney, I would suspect that if you are just simply singing the song in your Sunday School class there would be no problem. However, I would not feel comfortable selling the lyrics. There might be a real problem with that!!