Jottings – Righteousness & Peace Kiss

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Commenting on Psalm 85:10 “For ‘truth,’ which required death (Gen. 2:17), and ‘mercy,’ which can think of nothing but life and blessing, are here together. Death is endured according to truth, and the culprit given life and liberty according to mercy. ‘Righteousness’ also kisses ‘peace,’ and ‘peace’ kisses ‘righteousness.’ Instead of being offended at each other’s presence, they welcome each other. For righteousness is more than honoured by that which He who makes peace offers to it on the cross; and peace is deeply satisfied, when it sees that it can publish itself to sinners on so sure a title as honoured and accomplished righteousness. And all these glories will shine in consistent beauty in that kingdom which this wondrous cross introduces. All is harmony where all was strife before.”


J.G. Bellett, Short Meditations On The Psalms; electronic ed. accessed on 5/19/14 here:


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