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The Headcovering – It’s Not Just An Assembly Thing [updated]



If you were to visit my church on a Sunday morning one of the first things you would probably notice is that the sisters have their heads covered, and the brothers have their heads uncovered. If you are not accustomed to this practice you would probably wonder why.

One might think it is simply based on longstanding tradition and not on God’s Word. The practice, however, is based on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 and other related passages that deal with the subject of headship.

I find it interesting that as many assemblies move away from the symbolic practice of headship there is a growing rediscovery of this truth and practice in other congregations.

By way of example I have posted the above video. The accompanying sermon notes can be found here.


Video credit:
Published on May 13, 2014
Dr. Carlton C. McLeod, Senior Founding Pastor
Calvary Revival Church Chesapeake
740 Great Bridge Blvd., Chesapeake, VA 23323



6.6.2014 13:12 EST update

This is a follow up video from Dr. Carlton C. McLeod:





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  1. Sherri Jason

    Thanks Scott for the link to this video. I found it really good – clear and concise teaching and very interesting that he went into his study of the chapter with one opinion and came out with a clear conviction as to what the passage means. I have shared this video in a couple of places and it has generated some good discussion. It was well worth the time to watch. 🙂