A Minimalist Bible For The Bibliophile



Last week, over at the Why We Web blog, I wrote about The ESV Reader’s Bible. A Bible that I dubbed as the “Minimalist Bible”.

Yesterday I happened to come across another ‘minimalist Bible’ through this tweet:



While the ESV Reader’s Bible is mass produced, reasonably low priced, and intended for the general public; Bibleiotheca is a high quality, limited edition, four volume set intended for the most discerning of bibliophiles. Bibleiotheca has not been printed yet so I have not been able to actually experience it yet. However, it is available for preorder through it’s Kickstarter page.

I believe the ‘minimalist Bible’ concept has already proven itself. The above video describes this concept very well. Here are a couple of insightful quotes from the video:

The book is actually doing work to eliminate distractions…

Why is that people love stories so much and yet they view reading Biblical literature as a chore? …could it be that the encyclopedic nature of our contemporary Bibles is what’s driving this idea that the Biblical literature is dry and boring?

Another proof of concept: the Bibliotheca Kickstarter project is overfunded! Overfunded by more than a factor 9! Amazing.

If you have any interest I suggest checking out Bibliotheca’s Kickstater page immediately as the funding period is set to close THIS Sunday July 27 2014 at 3:36 PM EDT.

After the funding period expires you may never have another opportunity to purchase a set.




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