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I am totally excited to announce that I am participating in a brand new ministry project called assemblyHUB!

One reason for my excitement is that assemblyHUB focus is the North American New Testament assemblies as I explain in one of today’s inaugural posts:

“Presently the assemblies are at a critical juncture. While we continue benefit from those who have gone before us, we must not rely on the blessings of prior generations to sustain us indefinitely. Individually and collectively, we must cry out to God for His mercy, leading, and empowerment to meet the challenges of our day. We must also have the fortitude and courage to follow where He leads.

My prayer is that the Lord will use the assemblyHUB website to encourage the saints to be busy going about His business; that we would tenaciously hold to that which is scriptural, be willing to free ourselves of the traditions of men, and to redeem the time we are given.”

The motivation behind this new ministry is best expressed Allan Dunlap in another of today’s inaugural posts:

“The purpose of [assemblyHUB] is to build up and challenge assemblies to consider the principles of the NT and how they can be applied to assembly and personal life. The focus will be on positive teaching and exhortation.”

So I encourage you to connect with assemblyHUB check it out for yourself!

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