Jottings – Jesus Christ As Servant

Jesus Christ As Servant

Commenting on the Book of Mark:
“Characteristically, this Gospel is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus as a Servant, or as in ministry. As such it opens, as such it maintains itself throughout, and as such it closes. But we are not to say of our Lord that He is our Servant. He is ever serving us, it is true; nevertheless, He is not our Servant, but God’s. To speak of Him as our Servant, as one once hinted to me, would be to make Him subject to our command, which could not be. So that, though in infinite grace He serves us, He is, all the while, God’s Servant, and not ours. And hence it is that we can trace, in this Gospel, so many minuter strokes and touches, such as adorn and perfect a life of service, which has its ornaments as well as its substance, its tenderness and considerateness as well as its devotedness and self-sacrifice.”


J G Bellett, The Evangelists: Being Meditations upon the Four Gospels. (New Edition, Rouse, 1903), 409; electronic ed. accessed on 4/12/14 here:


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