Jottings – The Devil Says Do It! Get It Out of Your System

The Devil says do it

Commenting on Jeremiah 13:21 ~~

“Habits — ingrained habits — how hard they are to break! Because what happens is, it becomes a part of you and its not easy. You see, the devil says to you, ‘go ahead and do it and get it OUT of your system.’ But you do it and get it INTO your system. And the more you do it the more it becomes a way of life until eventually you say, ‘Well, I just can’t break this habit!'”


Nicholson, J B, Jr. “Jeremiah The Prophet Who Weeps – part 2.” Northside Chapel Conference. n.d., n.p. Address. Available here at the 54:38 mark. Accessed on September 21, 2014



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