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Jottings – Man’s Evil And God’s Grace Thoroughly Came Out In The Cross

In the cross I see God humbling Himself—the only One of all greatness making nothing of Himself for my soul—the only One who commands all becoming a servant of the very vilest. A person cannot receive the truth of the cross without having in measure his walk in accordance with the spirit of it. Yet saints of God have regarded the cross, not so much as that power by which the world is crucified unto them and they unto the world, but rather as the remedy by which they are set free from all anxiety, in order to make themselves a comfortable place in the world. The Christian ought to be the happiest of men; but his happiness consists not in what he has here, but in what he knows that he will have with Christ. Meanwhile, our service and obedience are to be formed according to the spirit of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Man’s evil and God’s grace thoroughly came out in the cross; all met there: and it is founded upon this great truth that it is said so often in scripture, ‘The end of all things is at hand;’ because all was brought out in moral ways and in dispensational dealings between God and man.


William Kelly, Lectures on the Gospel of Matthew, (London; Glasgow: G. Morrish; R. L. Allan, 1868), p. 342.


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