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Top 14 Posts of 2014



While working on Digital Sojourner’s Top Posts article for 2015 I realized I never posted a “Top Posts” article for 2014. So I dug through the site stats and complied the following list.

From Digital Sojourner’s Better-Late-Than-Never Department here are the top 14 posts of 2014:

14. Audio – Woe To You Hypocrites

13. Jottings – Faux Walls of The Church

12. Jottings – The Spring of True Christianity

11. Jottings – The Inexhaustible Love Of God

10. Found Online: An Interview with Louis Zamperini

9. Jottings – He Helps Fully When He Is Leant On Fully

8. Update: Bibliotheca Kickstarter Project

7. A Minimalist Bible For The Bibliophile

6. WWW Wednesday: The Best Kings of Israel Chart EVER!

5. Jottings – The Elders Are Not Above The Flock

4. A Christian Response To ISIS Persecution

3. The Headcovering – It’s Not Just An Assembly Thing [updated]

2. Thomas Newberry Reference Bible Available Online For Free

1. The Dispensations – A Chart By R P Amos


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