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Top 15 Posts of 2015



The 15 most popular posts of 2015:

15. Jottings – Do Not Put Yourself Outside of the Circle of Those Who Crucified Him

14. Jottings – The Way To Grow Strong In Christ Is To Become Weak In Yourself

13. Sermon Audio – Paul vs Paul

12. Guest Post: Give Me Liberty!

11. Jottings – God’s Ways are Behind the Scenes but He Moves All the Scenes Which He is Behind

10. Jottings – The Blood of Christ in The Presence of God

9. Be Anxious For Nothing Poster

8. Jottings – Ministers While Employed in Watching Over Others Are So Solemnly Warned Against Neglecting Themselves

7. Jottings – There Is a Great Difference Between Being Occupied With What You Are Saved From And What You Are Saved To

6. Jotting – When God’s People Rise Up As An Enemy Against God

5. Jottings – Christian Preaching Is Not The Proud Ventilation Of Human Opinions

4. Jottings – Man’s Evil And God’s Grace Thoroughly Came Out In The Cross

3. Jottings – A Godly Man Is A Praying Man

2. Jottings – As Goes the Oversight So Goes the Assembly

1. Audio Files – Workers and Elders Conference 2015



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