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Devotional – The Clouds are the Dust of His Feet

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“The Clouds are the dust of his feet” Nahum 1:3 ESV

On a recent afternoon I was overwhelmed with awe as I gazed up at the summer sky. Large, puffy clouds stretched across the expansive sky– seemly forever. Brilliant white clouds juxtaposed against a deep blue sky. It was grand. It was majestic. It was overwhelming. The beautiful vista defies description.

While looking at the clouds Nahum 1:3 came to mind, “the clouds are the dust of his feet.”

Wow. God is far greater in majesty than any cloud that has ever drifted across a summer sky. God’s grandeur far exceeds the grandeur of any cloud the human eye has ever seen. God is so much bigger than the clouds that, in comparison, even the largest clouds are smaller than even the smallest particle of dust. He is far more beautiful to behold than the sum total of all clouds human eyes have witnessed.

God is so beautiful, so great, so grand, so big, all clouds pale in comparison. All clouds are as insignificant as dust.

Today we gather together to collectively worship the one and only true God– the creator of heaven and Earth. May we be filled with awe of Him. May our thoughts be only of Him. May our worship, adoration, and praise be wholly focused on Him. May we wash away any thoughts that are not of Him, as we would wash our feet clean of the dirt of this world.

To God be the Glory!


Editorial note: Originally published July 5, 2015 at assemblyHUB.com


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