Digital Sojourner




By faith he sojourned as a stranger in the land…

Hebrews 11:9 JND

Digital: Characterized by widespread use of computers: living in the digital age.*
Sojourn: A temporary stay; a brief period of residence.*




This blog seeks to help the digital sojourner with relevant commentary and thought on:

– the modern life of faith
– God’s Holy Word and its application
– social media and the Christian
– responsible stewardship
– mobile tools & resources for the sojourner
– contemporary church life
– computer tips for the journey
– Accountability in the modern age of digital temptation
– other helpful resources on the internet




Where to start:

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As noted above one of the objectives of Digital Sojourner is to share with other Christians helpful resources from around the internet. However, it is also the desire of Digital Sojourner to fully respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe your property has been used inappropriately on this site please notify me via email: ds at digitalsojourner dot com. I will gladly remove the item in question or provide proper attribution. ~Scott



*American Heritage Dictionary