R. Scott Thomson

Born and raised in a Christian family, Scott made a profession of faith early in life. However it was during his late teenage years when he seriously wrestled with his own sinfulness and the call of the Lord Jesus to repent. Luke 5:32.

For approximately two decades Scott was closely associated with the ministries of Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc. and Believers Stewardship Services, Inc. However in December 2012 Scott and his wife were commended to serve the Lord in a full time capacity.

Scott regularly preaches at various locations in the Middle Atlantic region of the United States, maintains the Digital Sojourner blog, and contributes a weekly post most every Wednesday on the Why We Web blog.

Scott, his wife Mary, and their three children fellowship with the saints at the North York Gospel Chapel in York, PA.



Other Featured Authors


Digital Sojourner occasionally features articles from other authors and guest bloggers. All authors appearing on Digital Sojourner are Christians who have made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, claiming Him alone as Lord and Savior, and seek to live a life that is pleasing in His sight.

While all of the authors agree with Digital Sojourner’s Statement of Faith, each contributor expresses their own views and opinions.


Stephen Baker


Brother Baker is a resident of Liverpool in the United Kingdom and is very active in the Lord’s work, both on and offline. Among his many responsibilities, Stephen is the Editor of Young Precious Seed Magazine a Christian publication in the UK. He also writes for the magazine’s parent publication Precious Seed International.

You can further explore Stephen Baker’s online materials here:   Blog     Podcast     Twitter     Facebook     YouTube


Bruce Hulshizer

Having trusted Christ as His Savior as a boy, the Lord gave Bruce a passion for the relevance and awesomeness of the Word of God during his teen years. Since then, he has enjoyed the privilege of teaching the Scriptures in camp, conference and local church settings in the Northeastern United States.

Bruce serves in various ways at Greenwood Hills Bible Conference and Camps, including directing a week of camp for 10 to 15 year old boys. His “side-job” is working as a civil engineer in central Pennsylvania. He resides in Mechanicsburg PA with his wife Amie and their three children, where they are seeking to further the good news of Christ.


Keith R. Keyser

Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, Keith was raised in a Christian home and converted at the age 7 through a knowledge of his sinfulness and Christ’s sufficiency to save. His gift of teaching was discovered and developed in the local assembly, Grace Gospel Chapel, in Gilbertsville, PA where he continues to fellowship.

After working in the car rental industry, Keith left secular employment to give all of his time to the Lord’s service beginning in 1999. He is mainly engaged in an itinerant Bible teaching and gospel preaching ministry throughout North America, western Europe, and Asia. Keith regularly writes on the Scriptures for several different Christian publications.

In 2005 Keith was married to Naomi. They have three daughters, named Anastasia, Nadia, & Fiona. Whenever possible, they join Keith in traveling amongst God’s people.

Be sure to visit Keith’s blog, Good Words and Works, to read more of Keith’s writings.


Crawford Paul

Crawford Paul
Crawford was saved at 7 and raised in a solid Christian home. He is actively involved in his local church and is responsible for many roles such as Sunday School superintendent, kids club leader, outreach organizer and music coordinator.

He started his own company (Bridgecourt Inc.) so he could be free to devote time to the Lord’s work. He loves the internet and has a passion to see the Lord’s people engaged in witnessing online. It’s the reason he started mySonlight as a way to help promote the gospel of Christ to the whole world.


Rey Reynoso

Rey was saved at the age of 8 when he realized his need for a savior and was later grounded with the reality of the resurrection of Christ at 14. Subsequently he has been blessed (by God’s grace) to be used as a teacher at various churches and within the home with his wife Laura where they homeschool their three children.

Unmoored from his home town of New York City, he spends his day time hours as an art director for a major sports publication while his nights and weekends are absorbed by his faith and family.

As a self described Christian geek, Rey maintains a significant online presence including his Bible blog, The Bible Archive, and a personal blog


Thomas J. Schetelich

Tom Schetelich
Tom is an attorney with the law firm of Ferguson, Schetelich & Ballew, P.A. in Baltimore, MD where he represents many Christians in business and ministry. Tom is also the President of the Christian Professional Network, a leading national organization of Christian businesses, professionals, and ministries.

Mr. Schetelich is an elder at Forge Road Bible Chapel in Perry Hall, MD. He also serves at Christian Missions in Many Lands, The Maryland Bible Society, The Maryland Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, and The Baltimore School of the Bible among other ministries.


Mike Stoudt

Mike Stoudt
Brother Mike fellowships with the saints who gather at the Grace Gospel Chapel in Allentown, PA. Mike is a Certified Public Accountant and owner of Stoudt Financial Services.

Mike also has a deep passion for the things of God. He serves as the General Manager of Greenwood Hills Camp & Conference Center and preaches God’s Word at various assemblies throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Bahamas.