His Gospel’s Effect: Review Lesson

Light Road Romans Review

Scripture: Romans 1:16, 5:1, 8:3-4, 10:1-4, 11:30-36, 12:1-5, 12:9-11, 13:11-14, 15:1-3, 15:13-16, 16:3-4, 16:25-27

God taught us His gospel (chapters 1 to 8). God delivered us from the penalty of sins, delivers us from the power of sin in us, and will deliver us from the corruption of sin on our bodies.

Then God taught us that His gospel should affect our view of life on earth (chapters 9 to 11). The past, present and future are part of God working out His great plans! Allow God to be God. Listen when He speaks. He is in charge! Rejoice in His

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 20

Road Romans 16Avoid self-serving people that cause divisions Romans 16:17-20

How great to see saints working together! But you do need to realize that there are people that try to cause trouble.

Some people will claim they are serving the Lord but they really are serving themselves. They are feeding their belly by getting people to follow them.

A real servant of the Lord will be like Christ who gave Himself to bless others. A Christ-like servant will not try to get attention for himself. He wants the Lord Jesus to get all the honor. A true servant of the Lord will not try to get people to follow him by causing disputes among the saints.

So stay away from people that try to divide saints so that they get glory and gain for themselves. Avoid people who try to get attention for themselves. Satan likes to stir up trouble this way. God likes to see saints at peace as they all enjoy the Lord Jesus Christ. May His grace be with you as you

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 19

Road Romans 16Value the saints and the assemblies Romans 16:1-16, 16:21-24

Paul is a great example of the attitude we should have. He loved the gospel. He gave up his life to spread it around the world. He also loved the saints and the local gatherings of Christians. He gave his life for God’s saints and God’s assemblies.

Value what God values. What is God doing today? Through His gospel people are being saved from all nations. What is God doing with these saved people? They are gathered together around Christ in local churches, and have the privilege to be part of the work He is doing. Value the gospel and the assemblies.

So Paul valued what God valued. He knew and loved Christians. He greets them by name and speaks kind words to them. He saw himself as a partner with saints in the Lord’s work.

And look at the example of these saints! Phoebe serves a local assembly, helping many including Paul. Prisca and Aquila risk their neck for Paul and the assemblies, and have a group

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 18

Road Romans 15:8-33God’s gospel should affect our priorities in living: value the gospel! Romans 15:8-33

What a privilege to see God at work! It really is wonderful how Jesus Christ has been God’s servant to do God’s will. Through Christ God confirmed his promises given to Abraham about Israel. Through Christ God also showed mercy to the Gentiles – us! Through Christ God gets glory in all peoples.

Look! There are people of the nations praising the Lord together! What honor that brings to Christ! What a great work He has done! It is like God said through Isaiah about the Messiah, “In Him shall the nations hope.”

May the God of hope fill up your hearts and lives with every kind of joy and peace! You are God’s special people through God’s gospel! How great to have meaning to our living, and joy in being part of God’s plans! By faith, see these things as reality.

If we are believing in God, we will find great confidence for the present and the

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 17

Road Romans 15So, God’s gospel should change our lives! Romans 12:1-14:23

First God taught us His gospel of salvation. He then taught us that His gospel should change our view of life on earth. The past, present, and future are part of God working out His plans!

Now God has taught us that His gospel should affect our view of living. It is plain reasonable to be devoted to God for His will rather than living like people of this world. Discern God’s will, and be different – changed from the inside out to actually act like Christ!

Be available for God to use you how He wants. Serve in God’s assembly. Be sure you value other Christians. Serve the Lord with zeal. Love saints deeply. Be a peacemaker. Be submissive. Do not fight against authority. All of these things are like the Lord Jesus!

If you allow Christ to live His life in you, it will show in your words and ways. Walk in love that blesses others, like the Lord Jesus did. Do not walk in lusts like the lost around you.

Be willing to give up what you like if it will help someone else. Do not live to please yourself. Christ did not live to please Himself!

So God’s gospel should change our lives to look like Christ! We should not think or act like we used to. We should not walk and talk like this world. Do not feed the sin-controlled flesh in you! Put on the Lord Jesus Christ!


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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 16

Road Romans 14:17 - 15:7Do not aim to please yourself, but aim to bless other saints Romans 14:17-15:7

Keep in mind that God is not so concerned about food and drink. Instead His interest is in right living and peaceful fellowship in Christ and joy in the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. These things are much greater than silly arguments! Be careful not to let ideas grow to be bigger in your mind than they really are.

So aim for peace between you and other Christians. Aim to help them grow in the Lord Jesus. Make sure your actions do not stir up fighting and arguing. Avoid causing your brother to stumble. He is the work of God! Treat him that way!

Perhaps you feel it is ok to do certain things that other Christians would not do. You believe God sees it as fine to do it. Before you do it, be sure you consider others. Will it cause a brother to stumble? If so, be willing to give it up. Be considerate.

Do not aim to please yourself. Each of us should

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 15

Road Romans 14:1-16Out of love, think of other saints in your actions Romans 14:1-16

This love for others must affect how you relate to other saints. You should welcome them in a loving way, like the Lord received us when we believed. If a Christian moves into your area, receive him even if he has some ideas about the Christian walk that you think are odd.

You should not welcome him with the goal of showing you know better than him. Perhaps he thinks Christians should not eat certain foods. Do not pick on him for this.

Or perhaps you think Christians should not eat certain foods. Do not think little of other Christians because they do eat them.

The Lord is our master. We need to be sure we do not take over His place as Lord. Each of us answers to the Lord.

In fact, we all will one day answer to God at His judgment seat after we die or the Lord Jesus comes back. We will have to

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 14

Road Romans 13:8-14

Walk in love like Christ, not lust Romans 13:8-14

Loving one another really is the point of the law. The law commands us not to steal, lust, kill or do other things that hurt our neighbor. Love aims to bless others, so love would not harm a neighbor. So by loving others, I am fulfilling God’s desire taught in the law.

We really should be people that

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 13

Stockholm Road Romans 12:14


Scripture: Romans 12:14-13:14

Be peaceful and submissive to authority Romans 12:14-13:7

In the Lord you can be peaceful, honest, patient and submissive. You do not need to prove yourself to be something special. All your value comes from God’s love for you!

So do not try to be

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 12

Winter Road Romans 12:9-13Serve the Lord diligently, with fervent love for the saints! Romans 12:9-13

Our devotion to God should really show! Devotion requires diligence. Do God’s will with great passion!

Serve the saints with deep love for them! Be genuine. Your love for others should be real, just like God’s love for us is real.

Have a deep desire to do what is right. If something is evil, do not have anything to do with it. If it is good, then wrap your arms around it!

See other Christians as brothers in Christ. You are part of God’s family now. So love them deeply and value them. Be the first one to tell others that you appreciate them.

Be diligent and fervent. Have a fire in your heart to serve the Lord! Do not be half-hearted. Be like the Lord Jesus who was sold out to do God’s will! He said, “Zeal for your house has eaten me up.” Doing God’s will consumed Him. He truly was a

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