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Devotional – The Pathway of Integrity

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Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways. Proverbs 28:6 ESV

Not all who are rich are dishonest.
Not all who are poor walk in integrity.
However, all who walk with integrity possess something far better than silver or gold.

While there is nothing wrong with wealth per se, the desire to gain and retain wealth has lead many to compromise their integrity.

Our desire to maintain our integrity should always trump our desire to be rich. We must be vigilant. We must be on guard, because the temptation to compromise will come. When it does will you stand the test? Or will you succumb to the temptation to sacrifice your principles to the idol of materialism?

Integrity means nothing until it costs something. Are you willing to forego the riches of this world if the pathway to those riches is crooked? “By faith Moses… considered the reproach of Christ greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking to the reward.” Hebrews 11:24,26 ESV.

Integrity ‘cost’ Moses the treasures of Egypt.

What ‘cost’ are you willing to pay to walk the pathway of integrity?


Editorial note: Originally published August 10, 2015 at assemblyHUB.com


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Jottings – Ultimate Accountablity


If you can’t be accountable to God how can you be accountable to anyone?


Irwin, Tom. “Six Traits For the One Who Speaks for God.” North York Gospel Chapel, York, PA. 13 Dec. 2015. Address.



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Jottings – John Wesley’s Best Friend


In these days, it was customary for the itinerant and local preachers to take breakfast together, on Sunday mornings, at City Road. On one occasion, when Wesley was present, a young man rose and found fault with one of his seniors. The Scotch blood of Thomas Rankin was roused, and he sharply rebuked the juvenile for his impertinence; but, in turn, was as sharply rebuked himself. Wesley instantly replied: ‘I will thank the youngest man among you to tell me of any fault you see in me; in doing so, I shall consider him as my best friend.’ This was quite enough to silence Rankin.


Luke Tyerman, The Life and Times of John Wesley, Vol. 3. (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1871), 567. The incident dates from 1789, less than two years prior to Wesley’s homecall.


Thanks Keith!


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Hitting The Sanctification Gym


My good friend Keith Keyser recently posted on his blog an excellent exhortation entitled Becoming A Spiritual Heavyweight.

In the article brother Keith addresses the need for intentional self discipline. Drawing heavily on scripture, Keith demonstrates that the way in which we live our daily lives not only impacts our Christian life now, but also throughout eternity.

Keith’s call to a disciplined life is highly relevant for the digital sojourner. The digital world is a deadly minefield… one misstep online can easily destroy one’s testimony.

I encourage you to check it out…


Link: Becoming A Spiritual Heavyweight


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WWW Wednesday: 5 Serious Challenges to Effectively Protecting Your Family From Internet Pornography and How to Overcome Them


I will set no wicked thing before my eyes


I just posted a new article over at the Why We Web blog detailing 5 challenges to effectively protecting your family from internet pornography. This article builds off of my article from last week: True Protection From Internet Pornography Requires A Minimum of 3 Essential Components.

The five challenges are:

  • Software compatibility issues
  • Lock out issues
  • Family inconvenience
  • Visual search engines
  • Legitimate websites with some inappropriate content

For full details check out the original post…

Link: 5 Challenges to Effectively Protecting Your Family From Internet Pornography

Image credit: Benjamin Smith

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True Protection From Internet Pornography Requires A Minimum of 3 Essential Components


Lego Scream


I just post a new article over at the Why We Web blog detailing the three essential components of internet protection.

The three components are: filtering software, accountability software, and router level protection.

For full details check out the original post…

Link: True Protection From Internet Pornography Requires A Minimum of 3 Essential Components



Image credit: Kenny Louie

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Read The Bible 2013 – Two Suggested Methods

bible headphones

At this time of year many people make new year’s resolutions or set goals to achieve. One goal that is certainly worthy of our limited time is the reading of the entire Bible from cover to cover.

This may seem like a daunting task; However, it is certainly an attainable goal for most people. While some read faster than others, the average amount of time it takes to read the English Bible is 75 hours. If you do the math this works out to be about 12½ minutes a day. So, if you can dedicate just 15 minutes a day you should have no problem reading the Bible from cover to cover in one year.

To keep you on track here are two methods to aid you along the way:


A Printed Bible Reading Plan


There are many excellent paper based reading plans available. My suggestion is to use a plan that is printed on a single page that can be folded and kept in your Bible… As you read simply check off each portion completed. What could possibly be easier than that?

Here are some free options to consider:


A Digital Bible Reading Plan


There are numerous advantages in using modern technology to aid you in your Bible reading endeavors. For example there are several free tools available that will track your reading progress, email you a reminder if you fall behind, and even read the Bible to you!

In this category my favorite choice is YouVersion. YouVersion is available online through their webpage… but they also offer native apps for both popular and not-so-popular mobile devices. No matter how many devices you use your reading progress is immediately updated through ‘the cloud’ to all of your devices.

I have personally used YouVersion for my systematic reading over the last two years on my Android phone, iPad, and desktop. There service has always performed flawlessly.

Did I mention their service is completely free? Check out their whole Bible reading plans here.

As a second choice I would recommend eBible. Their resources are accessed through the web or through a mobile app on an Android or iOS device. Unfortunately eBible does not offer nearly as many reading plans as YouVersion does. Also, where YouVersion is completely free; eBible follows a ‘freemium’ pricing model. This means that their basic features are free, but their more advanced features require a paid subscription.

Well, there you are. My two suggestions for how to go about reading the Bible in 2013. So, are you up to the challenge?


[photo credit]


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Jottings – Countercultural


I am not suggesting a new legalism which forbids TV and the cinema. (There are many worthwhile things to view; moreover, while Christianity is by nature countercultural, it is not anti-cultural.) But I am calling for believers to take control of their minds – what comes in and what goes out. If you cannot control what you watch and read, perhaps it needs to go. ‘If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away’ says Jesus (Matthew 5:29)”

Hughes, R. Kent. Disciplines of a Godly Man. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 1991.


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Parental Controls On Mobile Devices? Android Trumps Apple

Android vs Apple Parental Controls

My regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now online.

This week I discuss why Android based mobile devices are a better choice than Apple’s iOS for parental controls. The post also suggests 5 Android apps to consider for securing your Android phone or tablet from inappropriate content, and finally why parental controls are NOT just for kids.

Link: Want To Keep The Kids Safe? Android Trumps Apple

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NT Tuesday: Modesty

Upright LivingAs I was writing last week’s blog and thinking of how we are to honor one another, I thought of the idea of biblical modesty. Now, one might ask “how are the two of these items related?” Truly the connection is obvious. If we are going to show preference to one another, than the first thing we should seek to do is point others to Jesus Christ and diligently avoid doing anything that would cause one another to stumble.

Let’s think on this for a few moments. (I know that a good percentage of the readers are going to be thinking “legalism alert”. Fret not, readers, fret not.)

Paul wrote in Titus 2:9 “…that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire.” This verse is found in context with the glorious idea that the “Grace of God has appeared bringing salvation to all people.” That thought continues with the idea that we are then taught to live righteously and holy anticipating the coming of the Lord Jesus. So, there is an expected form of behavior that results from our salvation – one might even argue that there is an expected way to dress (considering the connection between the verses).

Certainly, Paul thought that there was an acceptable way of dressing for women – “respectable attire, with modesty and self-controlled.” In fact, what he was really getting at is that a woman should be known for something else – not her appearance, not her clothes (whether fancy or plain), but rather “…with what is proper for women who profess godliness–with good works” (Titus 2:10.) In other words, one’s clothes should reflect one’s heart – a woman should be adorned with good works – showing her close relationship with her Lord.

All throughout the Bible, there are instances where clothing is seen as telegraphing a message.

Think of Tamar in Genesis 38:1-30. When she wanted to seduce Judah, she took off her widow’s clothes and she put on clothes that communicated to Judah that she was a prostitute. What she wore revealed what she was communicating or desiring. In contrast, the woman of virtue described in Proverbs 31:10-31, wears clothing that is strength and honor because of her character. Yes, she makes herself clothing that is of silk and purple, fine thing for the times, but she is known for much more than her clothing. You could say that she defines the clothing; the clothing does not define her.

Back in the New Testament, Peter starts out with talking about the inner person and proceeds to talk about the comparison of inner and outer. In fact, Peter goes on to say that a meek and quiet spirit is of great price and is something that should be worn by godly women and that holy women of old adorned themselves with such being in subjection to their own husbands. (Read 1 Peter 3:1-5).

It seems, doesn’t it, that in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, what we wear matters – it telegraphs a message, a message that begins in our heart. Yes, we can become legalistic in defining what we think modesty looks like, but we can also fail to be obedient to the Lord in all areas of our life by refusing to recognize that what we wear says something about our relationship with Him.

Until next week, fulfill your ministry!





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