Why We Web Wednesday: “911 Was Busy”

Hurricane Sandy Belmar NJ BoardwalkThe recent superstorm that brought death and destruction to the Caribbean and eastern seaboard of the United States highlights the undeniable truth that modern technology is anything but reliable. In fact, technology often fails when we “need” it the most. Check out this week’s WWW Blog post regarding my contemplations on the storm and what (or Who) is truly reliable.

Link: “911 Was Busy”


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Why We Web Wednesday: Email Quick Tip

folder-arrow-down-iconMy regular Wednesday Why We Web blog post is now available.

This week’s post features a VERY SIMPLE tip that will GREATLY increase your email productivity. I know it sounds like some kind of marketing gimmick, but it’s not. This one very simple trick will literally save you hours of time! Honest.

Link: Email Quick Tip


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The Analog Generation Is Younger Than You Think

Brooks RobinsonMy weekly post over at the Why We Web Blog is now available.

In this week’s post I discuss why I am beginning to question many of my long held assumptions regarding today’s children and their affinity for digital technology. Maybe, just maybe today’s children are the “Analog Generation.”

What do you think?

Link: The Analog Generation


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Need A Third Hand?

DIY car phone GPS holder


Need a third hand to hold your mobile device while driving?

This week in my regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post I share with you a quick and easy trick to make a simple, yet effect tool to hold your device while you’re on the go.

Link: On The Fly DIY Phone/GPS holder


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Believers Bookshelf Announces eBooks

iBooks iconThings are starting to get interesting in the world of eBooks.

Last week I received an email from Gospel Folio Press announcing their launching of several titles in eBook format (See DS post: Gospel Folio Press Announces eBooks). Now this week I received an email from Believers Bookshelf Canada announcing their foray into eBooks.

According to BBC’s email 14 titles are presently available in the ePub format through Apple’s iTunes store (link).

Apparently there is only one title available for the Kindle (link), however the email indicates they are presently working on additional Kindle titles.

Happy reading…


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Parental Controls On Mobile Devices? Android Trumps Apple

Android vs Apple Parental Controls

My regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now online.

This week I discuss why Android based mobile devices are a better choice than Apple’s iOS for parental controls. The post also suggests 5 Android apps to consider for securing your Android phone or tablet from inappropriate content, and finally why parental controls are NOT just for kids.

Link: Want To Keep The Kids Safe? Android Trumps Apple

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Gospel Folio Press Announces eBooks

True Discipleship Gospel Folio PressRecently, on the Why We Web Blog, I gave 5 reasons why I believe the time has come to make the switch from traditional books to eBooks.

Late yesterday afternoon I received an email from Gospel Folio Press announcing the availability of many of their titles in eBook format. Needless to say this came as very welcome news! Gospel Folio Press is a publisher of reliable Christian literature written by reliable authors. The list of GFP authors includes such names as William MacDonald, David Gooding, John Lennox, and T. Ernest Wilson.

According to GFP’s email a selection of eBooks are already available in three different formats:

This morning when I visited Amazon’s website to browse GFP’s Kindle titles I was amazed to find 118 of their titles listed. IMHO that is an impressive start and is a strong indication of GFP’s commitment to eBooks and the Kindle platform. While on Amazon’s site I purchased True Discipleship by William MacDonald. The process worked flawlessly and within a minute or two I was reading brother MacDonald’s excellent book.

If you haven’t made the switch to eBooks yet, today you have one more reason to make the switch.


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An Alternative Search Engine

DuckDuckGo LogoLooking for an alternative search engine?

Read my latest Why We Web blog post about one alternative to Google that is just ducky!
Link: David and Goliath of the Internet.





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Free Internet Safety Webinar

Open DNS Free Webinar

Online integrity is an issue that we should all be concerned with. But what can we proactively do to fight against the growing threat of pornography and other inappropriate content?

Mark your calendar for 7pm Eastern Thursday October 4th for a free, one hour webinar that will show you the tools you need and step you through the process of securing your network and internet connected devices.

For more information and to pre-register (seating is limited) visit the webinar event page on the Why We Web website.


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eReader or Traditional Books? 5 Reasons To Make The Switch

Kindle eReaderMy most recent post on the Why We Web blog takes a look at why I believe the time has come to begin using a dedicated eReader. In the post I give 5 reasons why the time is right to make the switch:

  1. Portability
  2. Affordability of e-Reader Hardware
  3. Borrow eBooks From Your Any Community’s Library Without Ever Leaving Home
  4. The Low and Decreasing Cost of e-Books
  5. Huge and Growing Selection of Free e-Books

If you are thinking about making the switch from traditional print books to eBooks, I would encourage you to check out the full post here.


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