WWW Wednesday: What’s On My Android?

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A friend of mine recently asked me to give him a listing of the “Christian” apps on my Android smartphone. My Why We Web post this week is the listing of apps that I shared with my friend. Enjoy!

Link: What’s On My Android?


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WWW Wednesday: 100 Million and Growing

Why We Web

In the beginning, just five years ago today, Apple introduced their mobile App Store to the world. Since then the use of smartphones and other internet connected mobile devices has taken the world by storm.

In the beginning God was there… when the app store first opened there were only 200 free apps available. One of the free apps was God’s Holy Word… specifically YouVersion’s Bible App for iOS.

Checkout the full post for more on this amazing milestone…

Link: 100 Million and Growing


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Flashback: This Week Last Year [2012 Week #27]

flashback-sliderDuring the 27th week of 2012 Digital Sojourner posted a number of interesting articles….

Enjoy this flashback to 2012 week #27 on Digital Sojourner! What was your favorite post?


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WWW Wednesday: The Wordless Book App

The Wordless Book App Icon

My regular WWW Wednesday blog post is now available over at the Why We Web blog.

This week’s post reviews The Wordless Book App for Android mobile devices… an old evangelistic tool updated for the digital age.

Link: Review: The Wordless Book App


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WWW Wednesday: The Gospel Message App

The Gospel Message App Icon

My regular WWW Wednesday blog post is now available over at the Why We Web blog.

This week’s WWW post reviews The Gospel Message App by Awana.

Link: Review: The Gospel Message App


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My First Prezi-tation: God Talks Money

Over the weekend I had the privilege of participating in a Bible conference at the Oxford Bible Chapel of Oxford, PA. The conference was a wonderful time in God’s Word and in fellowship with God’s people. The theme of the conference was Biblical Stewardship.

Below is a “Prezi” that I used to as an illustration during my talks. As you view the presentation please keep in mind:

  • the presentation was designed to accompany three 45 minute messages.
  • the False Gospel slide makes reference to the modern day personality Benny Hinn as an example of one of the false teaches that 2 Peter 2:1 says will come and the 19th century evangelist Dwight L. Moody as an example of a true servant of God who acted with utmost financial integrity.



Your thoughts are greatly encouraged… I would appreciate hearing from you in the comment section.

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WWW Wednesday: 5 SlideShare Power Tips

SlideShare Icon Red 128x128My regular WWW Wednesday blog post is now available over at the Why We Web blog.

This week’s WWW post features five power tips for getting the most out of the SlideShare website.

Check out 5 SlideShare Power Tips to help you reach the largest audiance possible for your PowerPoint presentations.


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WWW Wednesday: How To Resurrect Your PowerPoint Presentations

SlideShare Icon

My regular WWW Wednesday blog post is now available over at the Why We Web blog.

This week’s WWW post is all about breathing new life in to your PowerPoint presentations by using the SlideShare website to reach the largest audience possible.

Check out the post here and start reaching a larger audience.


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Announcing: GoodNewsPennsylvania.com

GoodNewsPennsylvania.comEarlier this week I put a new website online: GoodNewsPennsylvania.com as an evangeistic tool. The website… consisting of only one webpage… is intentionally simple and features an 11 minute video version of J B Nicholson’s The Uniqueness of Christianity.

Why GoodNewsPennsylvania? Why limit the site to only Pennsylvania? Well, actually anyone can access the site from anywhere so it’s not limited in that sense. God’s Good News is for everyone, not just Pennsylvanians, so it’s not limited in that sense either.

However, the vision is to add additional content and functionality to the site so that it could be used as an aid for Gospel outreaches in Pennsylvania.

Your prayers for this endeavor are greatly appreciated. Please pray that He would see fit to bless the site and allow it share the Good News of God’s Gospel with those who so desperately need to hear it. Also pray for the Lord’s leading regarding additional content and functionality.

Please check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Link: GoodNewsPennsylvania.com


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WWW Wednesday: Olive Tree iPad App — Helpful Videos

Olive Tree Bible App Icon

My regular Wednesday post over at the Why We Web blog was just posted.

This week’s post shares several helpful videos for mastering the Olive Tree Bible App for the iPad.

Link: OliveTree iPad Bible App — Helpful Videos


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