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Be Anxious For Nothing Poster


Be Anxious For Nothing Josh Byers Poster


Credit: Josh Byers. Original available here.


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John Lennox – Did Science Kill God?


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Is Small the New Big? Rethinking What Church Growth Means

Rethinking what church growth means. Is small the new big?

It seems the only metric people use to evaluate a local church are the number of people they can see. However, does such an observation truly reveal the health of a local church? Or is this overly simplistic? Is this the way our Lord Jesus Christ evaluates a local assembly?

In my recent assemblyHUB post I explore these questions and what some of the implications may be.

Link: Is Small the New Big?


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Remembering My Family Heritage

John and Henrietta Thomson, on their wedding day in 1932

John and Henrietta Thomson, on their wedding day in 1932

My cousin Sandy Sheridan maintains a delightful and encouraging blog named:Verses From Mama— hearing God speak one Bible verse at a time.

Recently, Sandy blogged about our common Grandfather John Thomson. I encourage you to check it out.

Grandpa Thomson, as I called him, is literally the patriarch of our family. He, and his godly wife Henrietta, raised their family of three children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). All three of their children (including my father) became Christians and raised Christians families of their own. This third generation is the generation that Sandy and I are members of. All surviving members of our generation have professed Christ as savior, reached adulthood, and are now raising Chritian families of their own.

Grandma & Grandpa Thomson loved their family deeply. Though they have left this earthly realm, and are now at home with their Lord; we who are left behind continue to benefit from their godly example and legacy. One of my most cherished memories from my teenage years is from a weekend I spent with them in their home. The weekend was not an “exciting” weekend– we did not go skying or to a major league ball game– it was a simple, quiet weekend. However, that weekend made an indelible mark on my life…

When we sat down for a simple lunch grandpa prayed, thanking God for the meal. During his prayer he simply and quickly mentioned every family member by name. Including me. This made an impression on me. When I asked about this afterwards I discovered that this was their daily practice– to pray for every family member every day! Wow. See Philemon 1:4 and 1 Thessalonians 1:2.

God has, and continues to, answer their daily prayers– prayers that were made in simple faith. James 5:16.

The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. ~~ Psalm 16:6 ESV

Thank you Lord for the godly family heritage that you have given to me. Praise be to God!

Thank you Sandy for your great post!


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The Headcovering – Redux

I’m pleasantly surprised that my recent post concerning headship and it’s symbolic practice generated some buzz on various social media sites– which translated into a greater than usual number of page views.



If you are interested in this topic here are some resources that I have found helpful….

As always, be a good Berean!


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WWW Wednesday: Miley Cyrus And The Amish

Why We Web

The Amish shun having their picture taken… modern celebrities are ever scheming for more camera time. Is there a lesson we can take away from this?

Check out my WWW article on Miley Cyrus, the Amish and what we can learn from this clash of cultures…

Link: Miley Cyrus And The Amish


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Dr. John Lennox – National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2013

2013 Keynote address – Professor John Lennox from Bible Society on Vimeo.


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WWW Wednesday: Air Bag

Air Bag Deployment

This week I have the privilege of serving as a counselor at a Bible Camp… so I am not able to write my usual Why We Web Wednesday article. Instead I posted the a video of a counselor intentionally deploying an air bag in a field… upon detonation the air bag soars to a height of about 30 feet.

Detonating the air bag was meant to demonstrate the brevity and fragility of life. One moment everything seems fine as we are driving along… the next moment an accident can change everything. Are you ready for eternity?

Check it out here: Air Bag


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Penn — Of Penn & Teller Fame — Receives a Bible and Shares His Challenging Thoughts



In this video Penn, of Penn & Teller fame, retells the story of someone giving him a Bible. Penn also shares his thoughts about the experience. Very, very interesting.

Penn is clear that he is an atheist, however he is very complimentary of the gift and the one who gave it to him. He concludes by challenging all Bible believing Christians to be intellectually honest— if we really believe there is a hell and those who die in their sins will suffer for eternity then it is pure hatred NOT to share the gospel message with all urgency.


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Video: Professor John Lennox – The God Debate – Oxford Union Society



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