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Found Online: Part 2 – An Interview with Louis Zamperini


Today’s broadcast of the radio program “A New Beginning with Greg Laurie” is the second and final part of a fascinating interview with Louis Zamperini who is the subject matter of the New York Times bestselling book Unbroken and the upcoming film by the same name.

In this second portion of the interview Louis Zamperini focuses on how he came to know The Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. Louis then goes on to recount how the Lord radically changed his life and gave him the ability to forgive his captors who treated him so harshly in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

Link: A New Beginning with Greg Laurie – A Visit with an American Hero. Part 2.

Here is a link to part 1 of the interview that originally aired yesterday: A New Beginning with Greg Laurie – A Visit with an American Hero. Part 1.


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Found Online: An Interview with Louis Zamperini


Today’s broadcast of the radio program “A New Beginning with Greg Laurie” featured a fascinating interview with Louis Zamperini who is the subject matter of the New York Times bestselling book Unbroken and the upcoming film by the same name. I read the book a few months ago and I’m looking forward to the movie.

In the interview that aired today Louis recounts some of the amazing experiences in his life– running in the Olympics, meeting Adolf Hitler, stealing a Nazi flag (and getting caught), serving as WWII bomber rear tail gunner, crashing at sea, surviving 47 days in the Pacific Ocean on a raft, and surviving two and a half years in a Japanese slave labor camp. However, the greatest part of Louis Zamperini’s life story is how he came to faith in Christ after returning home when the war was over.

You can listen to part one of the interview here: A New Beginning with Greg Laurie – A Visit with an American Hero.

Part two is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow.

The movie Unbroken is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2014.



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WWW Wednesday: Sermon Audio App Review


Check out my latest Why We Web blog post: App Review: Sermon Audio


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WWW Wednesday: The Best Kings of Israel Chart EVER!

The Kings of Israel


While studying many portions of the Old Testament it is often helpful to have a reference chart of the Kings of Israel. Unfortunately most reference charts only come in plain vanilla– helpful but boring.

Recently I ran across a very helpful chart that is anything but boring. To find out more please checkout my weekly post over at the Why We Web blog.


Link: Found Online: The Best Kings of Israel Chart EVER!



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Update: Bibliotheca Kickstarter Project

The Bibliotheca Kickstarter project that I wrote about earlier this week (here: A Minimalist Bible For The Bibliophile) has gone viral.

When I wrote about it just 3 days ago the project had received $342,620 in funding… more than 9 times the project’s goal of $37,000. That was impressive— but since then interest in the Bibliotheca project has skyrocketed. As I write the pledged funding has jumped to $852,335 (2,303% of the project’s initial goal!!) and continues to climb.

On Kickstarter Biblotheca has been the 2nd or 3rd most popular project out of 161,964 projects over the last few days.

Additionally, Bibiotheca recently hit the mainstream media with glowing reviews from some of the biggest names in media. Here is a sample of just some of the articles:

I find all of this to be exciting on so many different levels. First and most obviously, I love the Bible. I’m looking forward to receiving and reading my copy (the scheduled delivery date is in December just in time for Christmas).

Secondly, I love books. I have several books that have been handed down to me from my grandfather, and a couple from my great-grandfather. Some are over 100 years old. It is so cool to read the very same books my ancestors read– to see what they underlined and their handwritten notes in the margin. Through this I feel a connection with prior generations.

Somehow, I cannot see my great-grandchildren combing though my ebooks. Will today’s ebooks even be accessible in 100 years? In my closet I have a few dust cover 3.5″ disks– I no longer own the technology to access 3.5″ disks. Those disks are only 20 years old.

Paperback books will not not survive the next 100 years. Cheap glue bound hardcover books will not survive either. Only high quality, hardcover books will survive the test of time– and what better book to preserve than the Bible?

Third, it’s so exciting to see the Bible draw this much attention beyond Christian circles. Truly God’s Word is alive. “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8 ESV.

I highly suggest checking out the project’s page and seriously consider supporting the project. The project’s funding period ends THIS Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 3:36 PM EDT.

NOTE: Adam Lewis Greene, who is the man behind the project, recently updated Bibliotheca’s project page with an added incentive: if the project reaches the $1 million mark he will “be able to add the Deuterocanonical Books (commonly called the Apocrypha).” I am a bit disappointed by this as the Apocrypha is not a part of the inspired cannon of scripture. I have no problem with someone reading the Apocrypha as it makes for very interesting reading. However, it is not on equal footing with the inspired 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. By including the Apocrypha in the same book set as the Old and New Testaments some may not realize this all important difference.


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A Minimalist Bible For The Bibliophile



Last week, over at the Why We Web blog, I wrote about The ESV Reader’s Bible. A Bible that I dubbed as the “Minimalist Bible”.

Yesterday I happened to come across another ‘minimalist Bible’ through this tweet:



While the ESV Reader’s Bible is mass produced, reasonably low priced, and intended for the general public; Bibleiotheca is a high quality, limited edition, four volume set intended for the most discerning of bibliophiles. Bibleiotheca has not been printed yet so I have not been able to actually experience it yet. However, it is available for preorder through it’s Kickstarter page.

I believe the ‘minimalist Bible’ concept has already proven itself. The above video describes this concept very well. Here are a couple of insightful quotes from the video:

The book is actually doing work to eliminate distractions…

Why is that people love stories so much and yet they view reading Biblical literature as a chore? …could it be that the encyclopedic nature of our contemporary Bibles is what’s driving this idea that the Biblical literature is dry and boring?

Another proof of concept: the Bibliotheca Kickstarter project is overfunded! Overfunded by more than a factor 9! Amazing.

If you have any interest I suggest checking out Bibliotheca’s Kickstater page immediately as the funding period is set to close THIS Sunday July 27 2014 at 3:36 PM EDT.

After the funding period expires you may never have another opportunity to purchase a set.




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WWW Wednesday: The Minimalist Bible

Why We Web Text Logo

My post this week over at the Why We Web blog is about a new edition of the ESV translation: The ESV Reader’s Bible.

This print edition of the ESV translation does not include footnotes, multicolor text, translator notes, study helps, cross references, or even verse divisions. Why would one ever want such a Bible?? Well, in this case less really is more!

Check out the post to see why I’m reading the “Reader’s Bible.”


Link: The Minimalist Bible


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WWW Wednesday: Help Your Children Memorize Scripture With Your Phone


Over at the Why We Web blog I just posted my weekly Wednesday post (yes, I know today is Thursday– I’m a little late).

This week’s post reviews a neat little app to help children memorize scripture with an engaging puzzle game. If you want to help the children in your life memorize scripture I encourage you to head over the Why We Web blog and check it out.

Link: Help Your Children Memorize Scripture With Your Phone


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WWW Wednesday: RIP Google Reader — Hello Feedly

Feedly LogoMy regular Wednesday post over at the Why We Web blog was just posted.

This week’s post laments that the recent news that the company– whose motto is “Don’t be evil”– will euthanize their popular news aggregator Google Reader on July 1. The post also introduces an excellent substitute (think upgrade)– Feedly.

Link: RIP Google Reader — Hello Feedly


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WWW Wednesday: Best iPad eBook Apps for Preaching

Google Play Books icon

My regular Wednesday Why We Web Blog post is now available.

This week I explore which eBook apps you should consider using to help you study in preparation for preaching.

The WWW article reviews six specific iPad eBook apps that I have found helpful when preparing sermons. Check it out… and be sure to leave a comment!

Link: Preaching with an iPad Part 4: Best eBook Apps for Preaching


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