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WWW Wednesday: Rethinking Twitter


My post this week over at the Why We Web blog details my changing social media preferences. Hint: tweet, tweet.

Link: Rethinking Twitter


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WWW Wednesday: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide Part 2

Why We Web

In last week’s WWW post I briefly explored the popularity of social media and provided some “baby steps” to help church leaders who are not already familiar with social media get started. In the article I suggested starting with social media by getting to know the undisputed leader— Facebook.

In this week’s WWW post we explore a handful of other social media websites that are also be worthwhile experiencing. By gaining a basic understanding of the recommended sites you will then be in a position, as a leader, to begin thinking about social media as a tool for ministry.

Check it out…

Link: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide Part 2


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WWW Wednesday: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Why We Web

Virtually all church leaders know that we are living in the age of the Internet and intuitively realize that social media brings with it great potential for furthering the cause of Christ.

Unfortunately many of those same leaders have not incorporated a coherent and consistent social media effort into the ministry of their local church.

Maybe this describes you or someone you know? If so check out my post this week on the Why We Web blog… it was written to help the absolute beginner!

Link: Social Media For Church Leaders — The Absolute Beginner’s Guide


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The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ

The Genealogy of Jesus ChristOne of the wonderful aspects of blogging is meeting other bloggers who share the same interests. Since launching Digital Sojourner some 14 months ago I’ve met several dedicated Christians who love to share with the world their faith in Christ through the medium of blogging.

One of those bloggers is Jessica Morris who writes about her two greatest passions in life– her faith and her family. Her blog is called making the home a haven & nurturing those that live there. But make no mistake, Jessica is not another “mommy blogger” writing about another runny nose. She writes insightful articles about raising a Christian family in our modern environment. This, combined with her original photography makes for a truly engaging blog.

As a lead-up to Christmas for her family she has selected 25 personalities from our Lord’s genealogy to learn about. Through her blog Jessica is also sharing those lessons with a much larger audience. I highly recommend checking out her series of posts.

Link: Following the Genealogy of Jesus Christ.


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5 Tips to Level Up Your Facebook Skillz

Facebook IconEvery Wednesday I write a post about digital technology for the Why We Web Blog. In today’s post I share five tips to improving your Facebook experience:

  1. How to adjust the positing of timeline pictures
  2. How to take control of your news feed by filtering out certain types of content
  3. How to unblock previously blocked news feed content
  4. How to take control of the right sidebar – the ticker and chat features
  5. How to post interesting content that your friends will appreciate

For all of the details read the entire post over at the Why We Web Blog: 5 Tips to Level Up Your Facebook Skillz.


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Dude, You’re NOT on Facebook? What Are You Trying to Hide?

Why We Web LogoMy regular Wednesday post on the Why We Web blog is now available. The post discusses some recent articles on the Internet as to why some people might not have a Facebook account. Link: Dude, You’re NOT on Facebook? What Are You Trying to Hide?


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REMINDER: Free Facebook And The Family Webinar 8pm EDT Tonight!

facebook-like-buttonDon’t miss tonight’s FREE Facebook And The Family Webinar to be held, Lord Willing, at 8pm EDT.

For more information and to register click here.





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Digital Pilgrims: The Stewardship Of The Electronic World For the Glory Of God

Editorial Note: The following was sent to Digital Sojourner well in advance of this past Saturday’s Why We Web Conference by the author. Unfortunately, I was unable to post it until now. I decided to go ahead and post it at this late date, because the questions that Keith asks in the post are both challenging and helpful for the Digital Sojourner. –Scott




For those who are attending the Why We Web Conference, I bid you welcome! In my keynote message we hope to address issues pertaining to the following questions (and more; note: they’re listed in no particular order.) For those who couldn’t attend WWW, keep your eye on Digital Sojourner in the near future for samples of the day’s ministry and events.


Questions to Consider


1. Time management: How much time do I spend online? How much of that time is work related? How much is entertainment? (e.g. social networking sites like Facebook; video games; blogs; newspapers, etc.) How much is overtly spiritual?

2. Do I spend more time using electronic gadgets than reading the Word of God? Do I avail myself of the electronic tools for Bible study? Do I have a Bible app on my smart phone (assuming you own one)? What about a Bible program on my personal computer?

3. How much time do I spend in prayer versus surfing the ‘net?

4. Do I ever listen to/watch sermons online? In downloaded mp3 format? Does my home assembly provide their teaching in this manner for re-listening to the messages at a later time?

5. Have I shared mp3 messages with friends? Links to video messages?

6. What do I listen to in my car? Do I have listen to the Bible in recorded form? Other messages? Christian music?

7. Do I read e-books (in epub or kindle, for example)? What do I read?

8. Have I ever posted a verse on someone else’s Facebook timeline for encouragement or as a witness? Have I done this via text-message?

9. Have I witnessed in a chat session before?

10. Do I ever read Christian blogs?


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Follow Jesus?


If Twitter existed 2000 years ago….

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Choose Your [Facebook] Friends Wisely


“Choose your friends wisely” I can still hear my mother’s voice saying this many years ago as I would head off to school each day. Her advice is similar to the words of Solomon, “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” Proverbs 13:20 ESV. Like Solomon, my mother knew that I would begin to look, act, and sound like the people who I spent the most time with.

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