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Technology Series


The Hunt For The Perfect Bible Finding the best electronic Bible for your needs

Are You A DUDD? Do you control your digital devices or do they control you? Don’t be a Dude Under Digital Distraction

The Need For A Church Website Why your church needs a website and some tips on launching one

Being Godly Pilgrims on the Information Superhighway A series of four posts based on Keith Keyser’s keynote address at the Why We Web 2012 conference.


Bible Ribbon


Ministry Series


God’s Good News A teaching series on Romans chapters 1 through 8

His Gospel’s Effect A teaching series on Romans chapters 9 though 16

Christmas Jottings 2011 A brief look at some of the personalities in the Christmas story

Entry Level Theological Truth A teaching series on Genesis chapters 1 through 3

Fellowship A two part series looking at the New Testament practice of Christian fellowship

Should We ‘Keep The Sabbath?’ is a two part series explaining why Christians are not obliged to keep the Sabbath

Titus A teaching video blog series on Paul’s letter to Titus

Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians A teaching video blog series on Paul’s fist letter to ‘the church of God which is at Corinth… with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ’

Which Church? A look at the characteristics of local churches in the New Testament

Worship In Spirit And Truth A three part series exploring the New Testament principle of worshiping in spirit and truth

The Church, The Body of Christ A series of posts exploring some Biblical thoughts on the Body of Christ


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