Book Review: Good Daily Devotionals

There are several worthwhile daily devotionals, but some are better known than others. In this review I consider some tools that are excellent for encouraging one’s time with the Lord, but may be less familiar to some readers.

For organizational purposes I separate two categories: daily devotional calendars and daily devotional books.


Daily Devotional Calendars


  1. Choice Gleanings by various contributors (Gospel Folio Press): Brief, paragraph long meditations that include Scripture and sacred poetry. A variety of Christians write different types of devotionals – some are gospel oriented, while others exhort believers. Others succinctly teach a point of doctrine, while many others warm the heart. One valuable feature is that there is a daily Scripture reading plan included on every page, which enables one to systematically read through the Bible in a year. It is available in different formats, including a wall calendar, desk calendar, daily journal, and daily planner.
  2. The Lord Is Near (Bible Truth Publishers; available here): This offers one page long meditations – some by contemporary authors and others by departed gifts like J.N. Darby, C.H. Mackintosh, and William Kelly. Longer than Choice Gleanings pages, these well-written articles likewise offer some gospel-oriented and some believer-oriented thoughts.

    Daily Devotional Books


    1. The Continual Burnt Offering by H.A. Ironside (Walterick/Loizeaux; available here): Henry Allen Ironside is well known for his excellent commentaries on the Scriptures, as well as classics like Unless You Repent. This devotional offers short one-page devotionals for every day of the year. Many theological gems are contained within its pages.
    2. One Day At A Time by William MacDonald (Gospel Folio Press; available here): As with his outstanding Believer’s Bible Commentary, brother MacDonald offers well-written, Christocentric meditations in his customary understandable prose.
    3. The Day By Day series (Precious Seed Publications; available in Europe here and in North America here): From the publishers of the well-regarded Precious Seed magazine. In page-length meditations these books guide one through a Scriptural theme during the course of a year. Contributors are drawn from seasoned Bible teachers in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. Volumes in the series include:
      • Day By Day In Prayer
      • Day By Day: Christ Foreshadowed
      • Day By Day With Bible Characters
      • Day By Day In The Old Testament
      • Day By Day In the New Testament
      • Day By Day: Bible Commands
      • Day By Day: Moments With The Master
      • Day By Day: Bible Promises
      • Day By Day: Paradise To The Promised Land

      The newest one in the series is the recently published Day By Day: Christ And His Apostles. If you use the Logos Bible Software, some of these titles are available electronically: Link: Logos Day By Day Collection.

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