The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ

The Genealogy of Jesus ChristOne of the wonderful aspects of blogging is meeting other bloggers who share the same interests. Since launching Digital Sojourner some 14 months ago I’ve met several dedicated Christians who love to share with the world their faith in Christ through the medium of blogging.

One of those bloggers is Jessica Morris who writes about her two greatest passions in life– her faith and her family. Her blog is called making the home a haven & nurturing those that live there. But make no mistake, Jessica is not another “mommy blogger” writing about another runny nose. She writes insightful articles about raising a Christian family in our modern environment. This, combined with her original photography makes for a truly engaging blog.

As a lead-up to Christmas for her family she has selected 25 personalities from our Lord’s genealogy to learn about. Through her blog Jessica is also sharing those lessons with a much larger audience. I highly recommend checking out her series of posts.

Link: Following the Genealogy of Jesus Christ.


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Website Review: Bruce Collins’ Blog


Website: “Bruce Collins, Evangelist”

Veteran evangelist Bruce Collins writes a weekly blog with a meditation on some portion of Scripture. Sometimes his remarks are gospel-oriented; other times he focuses on Christian living or other aspects of Bible teaching. There are also healthy doses of devotional articles that flow from his keyboard. His style is clear and easily understandable. What is more, this is no ivory tower, impractical blog. Brother Collins writes from a wealth of experience of dealing with real people, saved and lost. His material is Christ-centered and edifying, and definitely worth subscribing to by RSS feed (there is no charge for this, and one may use programs like Google Reader to receive his posts as the author uploads them.)

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