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Jottings – The Greater The Conscious Weakness The More Is He Clung To And Counted On


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Commenting on Romans 7:4 — “We are set in relation to One who is pledged in love to support us. It is not now a demand to which there is no strength to answer, but a Person in whom all the wealth of divine grace is embodied, and in whom there is a full supply of all that weakness needs for its support, It is not, merely that He is a storehouse of supply, but it is all made available in personal love. Our sources of supply and strength are realised in conscious nearness to One who loves us. How all hardness and legality would go from our spirits if we kept the company of Christ! With what certainty would our hearts be assured that we could count on Him for everything! Every true husband loves to support his wife and supply all she needs, but he also loves to give her what is nearer to his heart even than his support– his personal affection and companionship. What a new spirit is formed in one who companies with Christ! The greater the conscious weakness the more is He clung to and counted on. The more trying the circumstances one may be called upon to pass through the more is companionship in them valued, and what companionship can be compared with that of Christ? It is the consciousness of this that sets our spirits free from all legality.”


C.A. Coates, The Book of Romans, n.d.


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Jottings – We Need Glad Tidings

Commenting on Luke 4:18-19 DBY “But are we poor and captive and blind so as to appreciate Him, or are we full of self-righteous pride? That is the test, and when it comes home to us that we are blind and that we do need glad tidings and deliverance from heaven, it no longer becomes just a picture to admire; it is a personal Deliverer who captivates and charms the heart, so that we are made willing to follow Him at all cost to ourselves.”

Coates, C. A. An Outline of Luke’s Gospel. Kingston-On-Thames: Stow Hill Bible And Tract Depot, undated, pp 70-71.


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