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EarthRecently, the political columnist, Charles Krauthammer wrote a piece entitled, “Are we alone in the universe?” In it he mused over the recent exciting discoveries in astronomy of planets that have similarities to Earth. He noted with sadness, however, that as yet nowhere in the universe have we found sentient thinking beings that are like humans. In his words: “For all the excitement, however, the search betrays a profound melancholy — a lonely species in a merciless universe anxiously awaits an answering voice amid utter silence.”*


Plan 9 From Outer Space?


This brought two things to my mind. First, the astronomers’ search highlights the uniqueness of planet Earth. It is a place where God has finely tuned conditions to be conducive to plant, animal, and human life. Even accounting for the effects of the Fall and sin upon this world, it is still a planet where – if managed correctly – life may thrive. This is an anomaly in the known universe. Secondly, it draws attention to the fact that in this desire to hear a message outside of planet Earth, modern people so often discount that such a message has already come to Earth. It is not from alien life forms like those imagined by Spielberg and Lucas, but rather originates from the Creator God. As Hebrews 1:1 says, “God, having spoken of old to the fathers in the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us in His Son” (author’s translation.)

Of course, the first three chapters of Genesis show that God verbally reveals Himself to His creatures. He is in the habit of speaking with them since the day He made them. Furthermore, mankind’s very existence was not a divine afterthought. Rather, He fashioned planet Earth with humans in mind, making it a place which by His providence is fruitful and conducive to the development of man’s talents. We see this in the fact that Genesis specifically mentions that there was no man to till the ground (Genesis 2:5-7.) The Almighty always intended for man to work in conjunction with this earth to make it a place of beauty for God’s greater glory. When God created man on the 6th day, He placed him in the garden as a training ground where he could learn skills under the Creator’s tutelage that would enable him to eventually graduate from the garden and proceed to apply these abilities to this globe in its pristine wildness.


Failing Out of God’s School


Sadly, man failed the chief test in the garden which was loyalty to the Creator as demonstrated by obedience to God’s Word. In spite of that, God has been seeking to save man from spiritual separation that his own rebellion creates. God speaks from the stars, the cells, every flower, and in every rock – all of these things shout at us, “there is a glorious Creator!” One who is powerful and all-wise. One who is faithful and good.

He also speaks to men through their consciences, although they often do not heed and sometimes cause it to be calloused and malfunctioning through their obdurate pursuit of sin. Most of all, God speaks through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the One who fulfilled the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings (Luke 24:27.) What is more, He is the One who through His Holy Spirit has conveyed the teaching of the New Testament to the first century church – a revelation that has been handed down from generation to generation and remains God’s message to man in the 21st century.


God Is Speaking Is Anyone Listening?


So to Mr. Krauthammer and every inquiring mind who has ever gazed at the skies and wondered if we are alone, God’s Word says that we most certainly are not. There is a Sovereign Lord of the universe who determines the fate of this planet and every other. He is One who so desires a personal relationship with every human being that He sent His Son into this world with the message of His holy love. A message that is embodied in Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, His resurrection in power, His ascension back to glory, and His eventual second coming to Earth. Why not click on an e-Bible today – or if you prefer, pick up a physical copy – and listen to Him today?



Photo: NASA


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