Free Logos eBook by Charles Ryrie

Dr. Charles Ryries ArticlesIf you have been reading Digital Sojourner for awhile, you will know that I like to highlight helpful digital resources– when the price is right. i.e. free!

As mentioned in the past, Logos Bible Software offers a free ebook every month. This month (December 2012) Logos is offering another excellent resource: Dr. Ryrie’s Articles. The ebook is a collection of 28 articles written by Dr. Ryrie on a variety of important subjects. Several of the articles are highly relevant given current trends and developments in the evangelical church, including:

  • The Necessity of Dispensationalism
  • The Pauline Doctrine of the Church
  • The Importance of Inerrancy
  • Perspectives on Social Ethics

Note: you can take advantage of this free offer even if you are not a customer of Logos. This ebook may be read using one of Logos’ free apps including Vyrso, Biblia, and Logos.


Link: Logos Free Book of the Month – December 2012


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