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Devotional – What’s in a Name?

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Judas (not Iscariot) John 14:22 ESV

Solomon poetically declared, “a good name is better than precious ointment.” Ecc. 7:1 ESV.

Unfortunately the name Judas has been forever tarnished because of Judas Iscariot’s ultimate act of betrayal. How tarnished? So tarnished that John is very careful to point out which Judas he is NOT speaking of! And, in the 2000 years since then very few parents have given their child the name Judas. Why have so many avoided this name? Well, to put it bluntly, the name stinks!

What about your name? Is the aroma of your life like a precious perfume? Will those around you come to associate your name with something akin to a fine smelling perfume?

Lord, I humbly ask you to empower me to live a life that is pleasing and honoring to you. I ask for Your grace to live peaceably among all of my neighbors, even those who act unkindly towards me. Lord, I pray that my life might reflect the sweet aroma of the name of Jesus Christ.


Editorial note: Originally published June 5, 2015 at assemblyHUB.com

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