A Minimalist Bible For The Bibliophile



Last week, over at the Why We Web blog, I wrote about The ESV Reader’s Bible. A Bible that I dubbed as the “Minimalist Bible”.

Yesterday I happened to come across another ‘minimalist Bible’ through this tweet:



While the ESV Reader’s Bible is mass produced, reasonably low priced, and intended for the general public; Bibleiotheca is a high quality, limited edition, four volume set intended for the most discerning of bibliophiles. Bibleiotheca has not been printed yet so I have not been able to actually experience it yet. However, it is available for preorder through it’s Kickstarter page.

I believe the ‘minimalist Bible’ concept has already proven itself. The above video describes this concept very well. Here are a couple of insightful quotes from the video:

The book is actually doing work to eliminate distractions…

Why is that people love stories so much and yet they view reading Biblical literature as a chore? …could it be that the encyclopedic nature of our contemporary Bibles is what’s driving this idea that the Biblical literature is dry and boring?

Another proof of concept: the Bibliotheca Kickstarter project is overfunded! Overfunded by more than a factor 9! Amazing.

If you have any interest I suggest checking out Bibliotheca’s Kickstater page immediately as the funding period is set to close THIS Sunday July 27 2014 at 3:36 PM EDT.

After the funding period expires you may never have another opportunity to purchase a set.




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WWW Wednesday: The Minimalist Bible

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My post this week over at the Why We Web blog is about a new edition of the ESV translation: The ESV Reader’s Bible.

This print edition of the ESV translation does not include footnotes, multicolor text, translator notes, study helps, cross references, or even verse divisions. Why would one ever want such a Bible?? Well, in this case less really is more!

Check out the post to see why I’m reading the “Reader’s Bible.”


Link: The Minimalist Bible


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