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Door to Door FAIL

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4 Tips on Making Effective Videos to Promote the Gospel

According to YouTube statistics YouTube has 800 million unique users who visit every month. Over 3 billion videos are viewed every single day. More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks have created in 60 years!  Those stats only speak of Youtube not to mention Vimeo, Metacafe and other video hosting sites. Video is one of the best ways to share information. The gospel more than any other story is visual. Video provides the opportunity to reach millions through a medium that grabs the heart of the viewer. Being creative in presenting the gospel is vital to reaching today’s audience. Here are some tips to using video for the gospel…

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Video Podcast: Stephen Baker

One of the great aspects of blogging is that it provides you with a means of meeting others with similar interests. A few weeks ago, through Digital Sojourner, I met a brother in the Lord by the name of Stephen Baker who is a resident of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Stephen is very active in the Lord’s work, both on and offline. Among his many responsibilities, Stephen is the Editor of Young Precious Seed Magazine a Christian publication in the UK. He also writes for the magazine’s parent publication Precious Seed International.

Since first meeting Stephen it has been a joy to

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Social Media: 3 Important Concepts

Social Media

Recently I attended a social media conference held online.  It was drilled into us over and over that social media was all about 3 key concepts. As I thought about these areas of social media as a Christian, they made perfect sense. Here is an overview of the three and how you can use them to reach out for the Lord….

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5 Tips For Sharing Your Faith On Facebook

According to Facebook’s own statistics there are more than 800,000,000 active Facebook users! 50% of whom log on at least once a day. Furthermore, Facebook’s reach is truly global with more than 75% of active users from outside of the United States! Officially Facebook supports more than 70 different languages! Amazing! The mission field has come to YOUR living room!

How we can we use this unprecedented opportunity to spread the message of the gospel? Here are five quick tips for sharing your faith on Facebook:

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The Light of Halloween

Every year I’m baffled by all of the excitement and hoopla surrounding Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand why children get excited about free candy. Free candy! What’s not to like about that? You want to give me a box of Nerds? Go for it!

It’s also obvious why children like to dress up in costume. Who wouldn’t like to dress up as Darth Vader and run around the neighborhood with a plastic lightsaber?

Hot apple cider? I get it. Carving pumpkins? I get it. I get all of that.

What I don’t understand is why fully grown adults make such a big deal about it. Apparently, Halloween is second only to Christmas in the amount of money Americans spend for a holiday. Amazing.

Costumes designed to be as grotesque and evil appearing as possible– entire front yards are turned into pretend graveyards– fully grown adults trying to out do each other with lavish costumes. What exactly are people trying to celebrate?

As a Christian, what am I to do?

In our community there are a few ground rules for trick or treating: children 13 and under go door to door from 6p – 8p. Homes that are participating turn their lights on, homes that are not participating should turn their lights off.

This is my answer

  • You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14
  • Hide it under a bushel? No! Matthew 5:15
  • Let your light shine! Matthew 5:16
  • Let the little children come to me. Matthew 19:14

Tonight, I’m going to leave the lights on – the light of our home and the light of the gospel. Each child that comes to our door will receive a nice piece of candy and a gospel tract. After all, it is the only time of the year when countless souls come to our door looking for a free gift… How can I possibly turn off the light?

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