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Audio: The Temple – Today & Beyond: Ezekiel’s Temple


The core of [this] study is the great spiritual truth that the God of Heaven chooses to make His dwelling, His home, in the midst of the people He has redeemed by grace. God does not live in splendid isolation– but lives in us and among us. It is the purpose of God to pull out of the world a people redeemed and called by His name and make His home among the people.

~~Thomas Schetelich. (February 20, 2011). The Temple – Today & Beyond: Ezekiel’s Temple. Sermon presented at Forge Road Bible Chapel, Perry Hall, MD. 12:12 minute mark.


This is the ninth and final message tracing the history of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem entitled ‘The Temple: The Biography of a Place.’

This series of messages, along with their accompanying PowerPoint slides, were originally presented by Brother Tom Schetelich at the Forge Road Bible Chapel of Perry Hall, MD in late 2010 and early 2011.



The Temple – Today & Beyond: Ezekiel's Temple from DigitalSojourner


Editor’s Note: I would like to express my appreciation to brother Tom for sharing this series of messages with Digital Sojourner. Thank you brother! ~~Scott


The Temple: The Biography of a Place
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