Who’s in Control?

We all struggle with control issues – some more than others. We try so hard to tell ourselves that we know what we are doing; that we know what’s best for us; that as long as we don’t let go and let someone else call the shots then life will be just fine.  There is only problem with this… God has made us so that when He is in control of our lives we find our true purpose and meaning. All else leads to struggle, pain and trials.  We learn so stubbornly that we are not very good at controlling our lives. It’s not until we surrender all to His authority that we find the freedom that Christ has planned for us.

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 2

God also taught us that we have a third problem. The first problem was that we were in danger of judgment for our sins (chapters 1 to 5). Christ died for our sins to set us free from judgment. God delivered us from the penalty of sins by Jesus being our substitute. The second problem was that we can not produce fruit for God because of sin in us (chapters 5 to 8). By dying and rising with Christ to new life, we are set free from sin’s bondage. God delivers us from the power of sin by Christ being our representative.

The third problem is that we have bodies that are corrupting because of sin (second half of chapter 8). We received these mortal bodies from Adam. But any minute now it will be seen that our life really is in Christ now, not in Adam! God will deliver us from sin’s effect in our bodies! We will be given glorified bodies like Christ’s resurrection body! Praise the Lord! I can hardly wait!

So we see that God is for us! He loves us! He has dealt with all our problems, and now teaches us how He solved them!

Have you believed God’s message? Have you agreed with God? He said there is no one righteous. He said the only way to be righteous is by faith in Jesus Christ. Have you submitted to God’s gospel?

If you have, all these blessings are yours in Christ. Live in the good of them. Now God wants to teach us how this gospel should affect us. God’s gospel changes lives. Let’s learn how we should be changed by His gospel. The first thing is to have a changed view of life on earth.


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