His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 18

Road Romans 15:8-33God’s gospel should affect our priorities in living: value the gospel! Romans 15:8-33

What a privilege to see God at work! It really is wonderful how Jesus Christ has been God’s servant to do God’s will. Through Christ God confirmed his promises given to Abraham about Israel. Through Christ God also showed mercy to the Gentiles – us! Through Christ God gets glory in all peoples.

Look! There are people of the nations praising the Lord together! What honor that brings to Christ! What a great work He has done! It is like God said through Isaiah about the Messiah, “In Him shall the nations hope.”

May the God of hope fill up your hearts and lives with every kind of joy and peace! You are God’s special people through God’s gospel! How great to have meaning to our living, and joy in being part of God’s plans! By faith, see these things as reality.

If we are believing in God, we will find great confidence for the present and the

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 5

Road5Scripture: Romans 10:1-21

If God in mercy is saving Gentiles, what has happened to Israel? Romans 9:30-33

It is important to understand Israel’s present situation. Like we said, God has not promised to save every person that came from Abraham. But he has made promises to Israel as a nation. How are those promises going to be fulfilled? What has happened to Israel?

Today, people from the Gentile nations are finding righteousness by faith. But Israel as a nation is trying to be righteous by law. They are trying to be righteous by their own ability, rather than by faith in Christ’s work. They have stumbled at Christ like tripping on a stone.

Israel has not believed God’s message about Christ Romans 10:1-13

Oh that Israel would be saved! The problem is that they are trying to be righteous by their own ability. Instead they should accept the righteousness God freely offers through faith in what Christ has done. They are trying to earn a righteous standing by what they do – that is, by following the law.

But Christ (Israel’s Messiah) came, and He is the end of trying to be righteous by law. If a person believes that Christ died for his sins and rose again in victory over sin, he is saved from judgment for his sins. God sees him as righteous in Christ.

God’s message is to believe. Christ died for our sins, and God raised him from the dead because Christ conquered sin for us. God tells us to believe what Christ did is enough. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised with from the dead, you will be saved!

So one who believes in Christ is done with the law. Instead of trying to make himself righteous by his own efforts, he has listened to the Scriptures that say, Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

What a great message! Have you believed in Christ? Have you called on the Lord to save you? You can be righteous today!


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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 4

RoadDoes this choosing by God mean that God is unrighteous? No! Romans 9:14-18

Does this choosing mean that God is unrighteous? Definitely not. The fact is that God is showing mercy. God said this to Moses: “I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy.” No one deserves mercy! So if nobody deserves it, God can surely show mercy however He wishes!

It is not like some people earned God’s blessing, and God treated them unjustly by not giving them what they deserved. Instead, the actual situation is that everyone earned judgment, but God has acted in mercy in His calling some.

So, if mercy is God’s choice, should He still find fault with men? Romans 9:19-29

Perhaps you are thinking to ask why God finds any fault with men then? We need to be careful in our thinking that we do not set ourselves up as being on the same level as God. We need to be careful that we do not think God answers to us! Who am I to tell God he is not allowed to take a certain action?

If the whole of mankind deserves wrath, how wonderful that God has taken some out in mercy! God does not owe mankind anything! We who are saved are just vessels of mercy.

This mercy is how he is relating to both Jews and Gentiles. Gentiles are the nations of the world. Today God is calling out people from the nations all over the world by the gospel. They once had no part in God’s purposes, yet now in mercy God has made them part of His special people.

The nation of Israel has rejected God, and yet God is even saving some out of Israel today. Though Israel deserves to be entirely destroyed, yet God is acting in mercy to save some out of Israel despite themselves. A remnant of Israel is being saved today – a small remaining part of the whole nation.

We need to talk more about why Israel is where they are today, and what God’s plans are for Israel.


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Digital Sojourner would like to thank Bruce for his helpful teaching on the book of Romans. Romans 9 is a challenging portion of Scripture– over the centuries godly Christians have disagreed regarding its proper interpretation. While all of the site’s contributors agree with Digital Sojourner’s statement of faith, each author expresses his own views and opinions. As always, your comments written in the spirit of Romans 12:10 are welcome.


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