WWW Wednesday: DuckDuckGo – The Google Alternative

DuckDuckGo Duck logo

My post this week over at the Why We Web blog is an update of a post from September 2012: David and Goliath of the Internet. In this case the ‘David of the internet’ is the alternative search engine DuckDuckGo and ‘goliath’ is Google.

Over the last two years DuckDuckGo has grown in popularity, however it is poised to get a major boost from an unlikely source.

Check out my new Why We Web post for all the details….


Link: DuckDuckGo – The Google Alternative


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An Alternative Search Engine

DuckDuckGo LogoLooking for an alternative search engine?

Read my latest Why We Web blog post about one alternative to Google that is just ducky!
Link: David and Goliath of the Internet.





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What Is My Favorite Android App?

Gesture Search Android AppIf the icon does not help you in answering this question — or you do recognize it but want to know why it’s my favorite app — check out my most recent post over at the Why We Web Blog.

It might just change the way you interact with your Android phone and greatly increase your productivity.

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