Is Change A Good Thing?

For Indianapolis Colts fans, the day Peyton Manning emotionally announced the decision to move to another NFL team was a day they never thought would come. But it did. After 14 incredible seasons with the Colts, including a Super Bowl ring, Manning will be seen wearing a different uniform come opening season kick-off.

Change is a sure thing in life. To many the thought of change causes muscles to tense and heart beats to race. For others change is exciting and desired.  I have to admit that I am a person who likes change. I don’t necessarily seek after major changes constantly but I do like things to be constantly changing in small ways. I like the things I am involved in to get better and not stagnant. So how should we handle change in our lives?  The key is balance. Thanks to my good friend Adel Bishai for always reminding us young people of that truth.

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