GoodNewsPennsylvania.comEarlier this week I put a new website online: as an evangeistic tool. The website… consisting of only one webpage… is intentionally simple and features an 11 minute video version of J B Nicholson’s The Uniqueness of Christianity.

Why GoodNewsPennsylvania? Why limit the site to only Pennsylvania? Well, actually anyone can access the site from anywhere so it’s not limited in that sense. God’s Good News is for everyone, not just Pennsylvanians, so it’s not limited in that sense either.

However, the vision is to add additional content and functionality to the site so that it could be used as an aid for Gospel outreaches in Pennsylvania.

Your prayers for this endeavor are greatly appreciated. Please pray that He would see fit to bless the site and allow it share the Good News of God’s Gospel with those who so desperately need to hear it. Also pray for the Lord’s leading regarding additional content and functionality.

Please check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.



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WWW Wednesday: Top 7 WordPress Plugins For Christian Bloggers

WordPress Plugins for Christian Bloggers


My regular Wednesday post over at the Why We Web blog was just posted.

This week’s post explores seven helpful WordPress plugins for Christian bloggers.

Link: Top 7 WordPress Plugins For Christian Bloggers


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How To Build A Church Website?

Psst. Hey you. I want to let you in on a little secret. Getting a church website is ridiculously easy. No, I’m serious. This isn’t a shady deal. You can actually build a church website for free, if you’re willing to put in time. In this post, I want to put down a few simple steps to getting your church’s presence online even if you’re not willing to pay a bit extra.

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Video Podcast: Stephen Baker

One of the great aspects of blogging is that it provides you with a means of meeting others with similar interests. A few weeks ago, through Digital Sojourner, I met a brother in the Lord by the name of Stephen Baker who is a resident of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Stephen is very active in the Lord’s work, both on and offline. Among his many responsibilities, Stephen is the Editor of Young Precious Seed Magazine a Christian publication in the UK. He also writes for the magazine’s parent publication Precious Seed International.

Since first meeting Stephen it has been a joy to

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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Church Needs A Website

Crawford already hit a couple of solid reasons why a church needs a website and you can go give his post a gander—especially if you want to learn how to be effective with the website. But in this post, I wanted to give a top ten list of reasons why your church needs a website.

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Yes, The Internet Wants You: The Need For A Church Website

Rey again, posting from the wintery hinterlands of the upper northeast; a new area for me and only marginally affecting my posting schedule: ah, the beauty of the Internet.

But that reminds me of why I’m writing.

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Podcast Your Passion & Purpose

A new audience waiting to hear your voice

(as it pertains to ministry)

Listen to this post read by the author Glen Steinson…

We thank our Heavenly Father for the excellent sources of Christian content on the internet these days. Many of the Lord’s people have taken to blogging and social media as a means to communicate the subjects they are passionate about (ie. the writers contributing to Digital Sojourner). Whether for ministry, personal use or online business ventures, the steady flow of information is only a click away for those who want to read it. Printed text with lots and lots of words.

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