Reaching The Digital Mission Field


Recently I committed to writing a weekly post for the Why We Web Blog focusing on the more technical side of effectively using the Internet for ministry. In my most recent post over at Why We Web I highlight 4 Tips For An Effective Website that the above video illustrates. Be sure to check it out and then tell us your best tips for building an effective website in the comments.

Don’t worry, I and the other regular contributors to Digital Sojourner will, Lord willing, continue to blog right here at our regular pace.

Finally, please put the Digital Sojourner and Why We Web blogs on your prayer list and pray regularly for both ministries. To God be the glory, great things HE hath done!


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Going into all the world includes cyberspace

By now, we all know that the internet is not just a fad, as some predicted several years ago. In fact, for many people in the world, the internet has become a way of life. People today are chatting, blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, Youtubing, and a whole list of other “ings” on the internet. Recent studies have shown that, for web users, life means being “plugged in” to the global community. The internet has torn down boundaries of country, race, culture, and religion. Terms like the “global village” and “the internet family” are often used to describe how people from all over the world have connected with each other. With the integration of audio and video, the web is an endless adventure into places we could never have imagined before.

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