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Jottings – As Goes the Oversight So Goes the Assembly


…it is well to remember that assemblies are, to a very great extent, what the oversight makes them. If we know the spiritual condition and order of the oversight, we know what to expect in the meeting. If the former is composed of wise, godly, well-taught and well-balanced men, the same characteristics will be manifest through the rank-and-file of the meeting. Hence the deep importance of overseers being divinely fitted for their office and work, in order that they may be ensamples to the flock.


Hinman, C. H. “Divine Qualifications For Oversight.” Ed. J R Caldwell. Witness XXXIV. — New Series, XIV. –04 1904: 165-67. Print. Emphasis Original.

PDF available here.


Special thanks to brother Jack Spender who referred to this excellent article at the 2015 Workers and Elders Conference. Audio is available here. Address #10.




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