Who’s in Control?

We all struggle with control issues – some more than others. We try so hard to tell ourselves that we know what we are doing; that we know what’s best for us; that as long as we don’t let go and let someone else call the shots then life will be just fine.  There is only problem with this… God has made us so that when He is in control of our lives we find our true purpose and meaning. All else leads to struggle, pain and trials.  We learn so stubbornly that we are not very good at controlling our lives. It’s not until we surrender all to His authority that we find the freedom that Christ has planned for us.

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His Gospel’s Effect: Lesson 3

Scripture: Romans 9:1-33

How sad that Israel is missing out on the blessings of God’s gospel! (Romans 9:1-5)

Learning God’s gospel will help us have a changed view of life on earth. Is God doing anything? Is there purpose? If we think about Israel we will learn so much!

We have seen how this gospel brings such great blessing! Yet how sad that the nation of Israel is not enjoying this blessing! How heart-breaking! They have been given so much by God. They had special privileges in the Old Testament time. They had the tabernacle and priesthood and many promises. Yet they are missing out on the greatest blessing of all – the Christ! God Himself has come to earth as the Messiah in order to save us and bring us to God!

But they have not believed the message that Jesus is the Christ, so they are missing out on all the blessings in Him. How sad! Israel has so much of a connection with God, yet they are so distant from God because of rejecting Christ.

But this does not mean God’s word of promise to Abraham failed! (Romans 9:6-13)
But this does not mean God’s promises have failed! We should not conclude that God has not kept His word. His promises did not say that every descendent of Abraham would be saved. Rather God chose who of Abraham’s seed would be His.

Remember that God said that Isaac was the promised seed, not Ishmael, even though both of them came from Abraham. That was God’s choice in His promise.

Then also Isaac had two sons, but God chose that Jacob would be used as the one to fulfill His purpose. And this was not because Jacob was a better person. God decided this before he and Esau were even born. God’s purpose are fulfilled by God’s action not by men’s works.


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Digital Sojourner would like to thank Bruce for his helpful teaching on the book of Romans. Romans 9 is a challenging portion of Scripture– over the centuries godly Christians have disagreed regarding its proper interpretation. While all of the site’s contributors agree with Digital Sojourner’s statement of faith, each author expresses his own views and opinions. As always, your comments written in the spirit of Romans 12:10 are welcome.


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