Devotional – The Bread and The Cup

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 “No one shall break bread for the mourner, to comfort him for the dead, nor shall anyone give him the cup of consolation to drink for his father or his mother.” Jeremiah 16:7

God sent the Prophet Jeremiah to the southern Kingdom of Judah to pronounce God’s impending judgment because of the nation’s persistent idolatry.  God was about to unleash the enemies of Judah who would bring sweeping death and destruction.

If the nation of Judah would truly confess, repent and turn from their sin, Jeremiah preached, God would relent and withhold His judgment.  Sadly the people ignored Jeremiah’s impassioned pleas, choosing instead to persist in their evil ways.

In Jeremiah 16 God instructs those who would survive not to bury or lament the dead or even comfort surviving family members.

In verse 7 God specifically directs the people to refrain from the common funeral practice of breaking bread and partaking of the cup of consolation.  It was as if God was saying that the deceased were not worthy to be remembered for their sins were so great.

Today, when we meet together each Lord’s Day to break bread and partake of the cup we do so to remember One who is truly worthy to be remembered, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those who died in the judgment in Jeremiah’s day were guilty sinners; He was without sin. They turned from the true God to worship idols (v11); He did the will of His Father.  They broke God’s laws (v11); He fulfilled the law.  They refused to listen to God (v12); He was the Living Word of God. They followed their own will (v12); He meticulously followed the will of His Father.  They deserved the judgment of God; He did not.  They bore their own judgment; He bore our judgment.

So on this Lord’s Day we meet together to break bread and partake of the cup to remember our Lord Jesus Christ.  For He alone is worthy to be remembered.



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