Ice Cold YouTube

I was recently in Grand Rapids, MI where I met a young brother who is using YouTube for God’s glory. His idea is simple: post short video clips of hard hitting truth… or as he calls it “Ice Cold Messages”. In the above clip Jabe Nicholson discusses the significance of the city of ancient seaport of Joppa.

Ice Cold Messages also posts short clips of interviews with preachers and Bible teachers. While in Grand Rapids he asked if I would be willing to go on video and discuss some of the points I had made while speaking. Even though I had never “spoken on camera” before I agreed. You can watch the result below. For me, the clip is a bit painful to watch… I stumbled through the interview and couldn’t seem remember the King Solomon’s name. You can see the results in the next video:

I encourage you to checkout Ice Cold Message’s YouTube channel to view more of his clips.

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