Devotional – Joy Lost

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.  Psalm 51:12 ESV

Have you lost the joy of your salvation?

There are countless reasons why one might lose the joy of their salvation.  Sickness, personal loss, death of a loved one, disagreements with other believers are just a few examples of joy killers.  David, who wrote Psalm 51, lost the joy of his salvation because of his sinful behavior.

If you have lost the joy of your salvation call out to God as David did!  If sin or unbelief has assassinated your joy cry out to God in confession for He will forgive! 1 John 1:9.  Has someone stolen your joy because they have wronged you? Then forgive them just as God has forgiven you!  Ephesians 4:32.  Has loss or sickness drained you of your joy? Then cling to His promises for “the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18 ESV


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Jottings – Joy and Holiness


Commenting on Phil. 4:4:


“Joy and holiness are inseparable. A holy Christian is able to rejoice even when passing through deepest afflictions; but a believer who, through unwatchfulness, has permitted himself to fall into unholy ways, loses immediately the joy of the Lord, which is the strength of those who walk in communion with Himself.”

H.A. Ironside, Notes on the Epistle to the Philippians. Loizeaux Brothers: Neptune, NJ, 1922, pp. 109.




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Jottings – The Source of Blessing and Joy


The love of God is the source of all our blessings and joys.

John N. Darby. Notes & Comments, Vol. 1. Sunbury, PA: Believers Bookshelf, 1971 Reprint. p306.

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