Jottings – Believers are to Show Forth Heavenly Grace


Commenting on Psalm 137:9 and the Imprecatory Psalms in general:


The language is exactly suited to souls under the law; but now are we under grace, and no longer under law, and we pray for persons that despitefully use us and persecute us; whereas the whole tone of the Psalms, where they speak of the happiness of dashing the children of Babylon against the stone, is anything but returning good for evil: it is evil meeting with its just doom. I maintain that every word in the Psalms is of God — that all these imprecations are divine. Each curse, threat, and warning, all this sympathy with divine retribution, is as much from God as the Christian’s now interceding for his enemies; but they are not suited to the same time nor the same persons, nor is God accomplishing the same end. As long as God carries on the day of grace, all these things are entirely inapplicable. They are not what God is bringing out now. They remain true for ever, each always in itself a right thing. But the fact is, that God has now, in Christ, brought in full, sovereign grace; and therefore God puts those who belong to Christ in a position to show forth, not earthly righteousness, but heavenly grace.


Kelly, William. “Galatians.” Lectures on the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians. Galatians. Web. 27 June 2016. .



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Jottings – Man’s Evil And God’s Grace Thoroughly Came Out In The Cross

In the cross I see God humbling Himself—the only One of all greatness making nothing of Himself for my soul—the only One who commands all becoming a servant of the very vilest. A person cannot receive the truth of the cross without having in measure his walk in accordance with the spirit of it. Yet saints of God have regarded the cross, not so much as that power by which the world is crucified unto them and they unto the world, but rather as the remedy by which they are set free from all anxiety, in order to make themselves a comfortable place in the world. The Christian ought to be the happiest of men; but his happiness consists not in what he has here, but in what he knows that he will have with Christ. Meanwhile, our service and obedience are to be formed according to the spirit of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Man’s evil and God’s grace thoroughly came out in the cross; all met there: and it is founded upon this great truth that it is said so often in scripture, ‘The end of all things is at hand;’ because all was brought out in moral ways and in dispensational dealings between God and man.


William Kelly, Lectures on the Gospel of Matthew, (London; Glasgow: G. Morrish; R. L. Allan, 1868), p. 342.


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Jottings – The Christian’s Character

Commenting on Titus 2:13: “It is the object before us which forms our character. The Christian object is the Lord in glory.”

William Kelly. Bible Treasury – Bible Treasury: Volume 17.


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Reading John Nelson Darby

Collected Writing of J N Darby

A friend asked me to write about my experiences reading through Collected Writings of John Nelson Darby. What was it like? What did I learn from it? Are there any tips and hints for someone else wanting to read the whole set?

I read Collected Writings over the course of 15 years. There were some volumes I read in a week or two, others took months. Sometimes I’d go months, or even a whole year between finishing one volume and starting the next. And of course I read some other things in the meantime, which might have helped me understand JND a little better.

To answer the most important question, yes it was tough reading, but it was definitely worth the effort. I would absolutely encourage anyone else to read Darby. Whether reading through Collected Writings is worth the effort depends largely on who you are and what you’re looking for. If you want a verse-by-verse commentary, you’ll be disappointed. Darby wasn’t really an expositor. If you want a study of types and shadows in the Old Testament, you might want to read C H Mackintosh (CHM) instead: that isn’t really what Darby writes about.

Darby’s writing is all about bringing the Word of God to bear on every question, of bringing every thought into captivity to Christ. It’s about seeing everything in the light of the whole counsel of God. It’s about gazing out at the vast ocean of God’s love.


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Loudspeaker Back in October Digital Sojourner reviewed the helpful website The S.T.E.M. (an acronym for Sound Teaching on Electronic Media) website provides an archive of solid Biblical teaching from a prior generation. You can read Digital Sojourner’s review of the site here.

S.T.E.M. recently updated the functionality of their website to allow easy downloading of much of the material offered on the site. The advantage of downloading the material to your computer is obvious… the material will be accessible to you with or without an Internet connection.

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