Free Logos eBook by Lewis Sperry Chafer

Satan by Lewis Sperry Chafer

Every month, Logos Bible Software offers a free eBook.

This month (February 2013) Logos is offering another book that you may be interested in downloading: Satan. The eBook looks at who Satan is- including his past, present and future. Dr. Chafer also explores Satan’s influence on both the believer and the world. Some of the topics covered in eBook are:

  • The Career of Satan
  • Satan’s Motives
  • Satan’s Methods
  • The Man of Sin
  • The Believer’s Present Position
  • The Believer’s Present Victory

Note: you can take advantage of this free offer even if you are not a customer of Logos. The eBook may be read on a computer or mobile device using one of Logos’ free apps including Vyrso, Biblia, and Logos.


Link: Logos Free Book of the Month – February 2013


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